How to Keep Your Knee-High Boots Up All Day Long

How to Keep Your Knee-High Boots Up All Day Long

Knee-high boots are the epitome of chic fall shoe styles, but sometimes they need a little bit of help to stay stylish all day. These simple tricks and hacks can help you keep your knee-high boots looking their fabulous best from morning to night without slouching, sinking, or falling.

Pair Texture Tights With Knee-High Boots

Sometimes knee-high boots have that extra smidge of wiggle room after you’ve been wearing them for a while. A super simple way to combat this, that goes perfectly with the chillier fall temperatures, is to don a pair of textured tights, leggings, or jeggings with your outfit.

Textured tights look excellent with all types of fall skirts and dresses, from denim and corduroy to cotton and wool. You can find lightweight tights with a little bit of texture for warmer fall days, and thicker styles with knit-type textures when the temps dip even more. Either way, the texture can help give your knee-high boots that bit of staying power they might need to stay perfectly in place all day.

Swap Out Your Sock Styles

Another option that can work well with skirts and dresses is to swap out your thinner dress socks for a slightly thicker pair. A pair of textured socks or those made of a slightly thicker material will help your boots stay up without detracting from your sleek and stylish outfit. If your boots are extra loose, you can even consider pairing up tights with socks to keep them perfectly snug while rocking a unique layered look.

Make Your Denim Go the Extra Mile

Denim has a naturally thicker texture, so it’s the perfect partner for a pair of knee-high boots that might be slightly loose at the top. Whether it’s a pair of classic blue denim women's jeans or a trendy colored look, putting together an outfit with jeans, a great women's sweater, and your favorite knee-high boots earn you instant style points.

Plus, the denim or skinny jeans will help your boots stay up and look great without any extra fuss. Tired of denim? Try corduroy pants for women instead.

Try Boot Adhesive

Boot adhesives are little style secrets made to keep boots from slouching without harming skin or fabric. It’s an inexpensive solution, easily available online, for keeping your boots exactly where you want them. Just remember to allow yourself a few extra minutes in the morning when getting dressed to apply it and adjust your boots accordingly.

Boot Straps—DIY or Purchased

Boot straps are another great choice to keep your knee-high boots from looking sad by the end of the day. You can buy pre-made versions that can be affixed around the top of the leg and help hold the boots in place, or make your own DIY versions with elastic and Velcro. To make your own, purchase enough elastic to comfortably fit around the top of each leg. Sew simple tack stitches into the looped elastic so it forms a band the correct size. Then you can use adhesive Velcro pieces to finish it off. Affix one portion of the Velcro to the elastic band, and then the other to the interior of the boot so they match up. Viola! An instant solution that is invisible and unknown to everyone but you.

Fashion Tape or Glue

Supermodels don’t get to keep all the fashion secrets to themselves! Fashion tape or glue can be ordered online and affixed on the skin and boot to keep them in place all day. These are non-toxic and won’t harm skin, though, like boot adhesive, you’ll need to allow a little extra time when getting ready. It can also be helpful to practice the application in advance, especially if you are planning on wearing the boots for a special event or occasion. Also, follow all the instructions on removal carefully to keep your skin and boots in tip-top shape.

DIY Sock Band

Maybe you don’t want to wear full socks or tights, but you need an easy DIY solution for keeping those boots in place. If you have an old pair of thick or textured knee-high socks you can bear to part with, cut off the top portion to create a simple band. Place this around the leg where the top of the boot will go and it will help keep them in place until you’re ready to take them off. If the tops of the boots are extra loose or slouchy, cut off two bands and double them up.

Mini Hook and Hair Tie Hack

Looking for some options to keep your boots up using items from around the house? Look for a mini hook with adhesive (like a Command hook or similar) and an elastic hair tie. Place the hook adhesive on the back of the boot and use a tiny tack stitch to sew the hair elastic in place on the socks, tights, or pants you are planning on wearing. Slide the sewn hair tie over the mini hook to keep the boots intact no matter how crazy your day gets!

Double-Sided Tape Trick

If your boots are slightly loose at the top, double-sided tape could do the trick. Simply place a loop of double-sided tape around your leg (preferably over nylons, tights, leggings, or socks) where the top of your boots will sit. Once you put them on, gently press your boots into the band of tape to help keep them secure.

Stylish Boots Deserve Some Extra Love

You can keep up your excellent style sense with a few simple tips and tricks. When you have a fabulous, super-stylish pair of boots, store them well, using preventative measures such as pool noodles or rolled-up newspapers to keep them intact in storage or your closet. Then you can just use one of these easy hacks to help you pull off a lasting style from morning to night.


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