Fashion Tips to Look Your Best in Jeggings

Fashion Tips to Look Your Best in Jeggings

In recent years, jeggings have made a major appearance in the world of fashion, establishing themselves as a wardrobe staple. They’re incredibly comfortable and easy to style. Whether you’re needing an easy outfit for taking care of your day’s to-do list or you’re wanting something fabulous for your upcoming date night, they can get the job done. Let’s take a deeper look at some fashion tips for looking your best in jeggings!

What are jeggings?

Essentially, jeggings are a combination of leggings and jeans. They feature incredibly stretchy denim material that looks like jeans but has the elasticity of leggings. They’re not quite as thick as jeans but are more durable than leggings. They’re the perfect balance between the two.

How should jeggings fit?

Ensuring you get the right size jeggings is key to achieving the look you’re going for. They should be comfortable – if they’re too tight, you may experience ripping or tearing, and there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothing. If they’re too loose, you miss out on the benefits of wearing leggings. They should fit like a pair of leggings, so use this as a guiding point in identifying the right size and fit.

Is there a time of year ideal for wearing jeggings?

Truly, jeggings can be worn year-round, so long as they’re styled the right way. In the summertime, you can wear them with a loose women’s white blouse and sandals. In the winter, pair them with your favorite sweater and some boots. Just as jeans are a classic item twelve months a year, jeggings are versatile and work in any season.

What to Wear with Jeggings

So what are some items in your wardrobe that work best with jeggings? They’re incredibly versatile, and we believe that they can be worn for just about anything. Whether it’s a day playing with the kids or a night out with friends, jeggings are an easy must. Here are some of our go-tos.

Long Tops

One of the most common pairings is wearing jeggings with a long top. Sometimes they feature back pockets, and in that case, it works well to wear tops with shorter lengths to show off the pockets. However, most jeggings do not have back pockets, so a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to style these with a longer shirt. For a more casual look, throw on one of your favorite, longer-length women’s T-shirts and some comfortable sandals or slip-ons. Another great option is to wear a cute flannel button-up.

Tunic Blouses

Another fabulous option to consider is tunic tops. Tunics are known for their longer length, with a hem that usually hits somewhere between the hip and the knees. They’re commonly worn with leggings, so it makes sense that jeggings work well with them! This would be a great option for a dressier jeggings ensemble. Simply pair them with a tunic blouse and a fun pair of heels. You'll have the perfect ensemble for a day in the office or a night out with friends.

Slouchy Sweaters

For colder days, a comfy, slouchy sweater is the perfect item to wear with your jeggings. Whether it’s a chic mock turtleneck or something extra cozy and made of wool, you’ll find that these longer-length, loose-fitting sweater options make for the perfect partner with a pair of jeggings. Whether it’s boots, flats, or even some heels you’re pairing them with, you’ll feel fantastic in your outfit all day long.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Since you want to wear clothing with longer lengths, layering can be just the thing to perfect your jeggings ensembles. You could throw on a slightly oversized plaid button-up over a loose tee or pair one of your favorite classic, mid-length women’s cardigans over a fun blouse. However you decide to layer, make sure you’re wearing items that are comfortable and that you truly love.

Fitted Boots

A pair of mid-calf boots is a true statement pair of shoes and one that every woman should have at her disposal. However, they can be tricky to wear with regular skinny jeans. This is where jeggings come in! With their fitted nature, it’s easier than ever to wear your mid-calf boots with pants, instead of only reserving them for your skirt ensembles. So pull those babies out and make a statement!


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