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Jean Looks for Long Legs

There is nothing more frustrating than when you see a pair of jeans that you adore, but once you put them on, they turn into cropped jeans. This extremely annoying problem is one that long-legged women run into regularly. Thankfully, we have tips that will help solve these lengthy problems.

Rolled Skinny Jeans

One of the best looks for long legs is a pair of skinny jeans that are rolled at the bottom. This trick allows you to cover up the fact that your jeans are on the shorter side, but you still can rock the jeans that you love. We recommend rolling your skinny jeans anywhere from a half-inch to a full inch depending on the look you feel is best.

This is a great casual style that you could wear to the office or even out to dinner. You can also throw on a pair of booties, flats, mules, or flip flops and you will be rocking the rolled skinny jean look.

Tall Jeans

Through the years, somebody else felt the pain of trying to find jeans when you have long legs, so they created jeans made specifically for taller women. Thankfully, we offer jeans that range from wide leg jeans to multi-colored, high-rise jeans. These different styles and colors of jeans allow you a wide variety so that you can find the perfect pair for you.

We also offer other clothing options in tall, such as outwear, dresses, tops, and swimsuits. We want to fit every body size and want you to embrace your long legs because they are a gift.


There is nothing better than a pair of jeans that stretch when it comes to long legs. Jeggings are an excellent investment since they adapt naturally to long legs and are incredibly comfortable to wear all day long. They offer the classic look of denim but are super-stretchy and soft so that you are comfortable and able to move without being hindered by your jeans.

They also come in a variety of different washes and color so that you can wear them to any occasion that comes your way. Since they are on the tighter side, they look great paired up with an oversized sweater or an extra long tunic.

Play them off as Capris

One of the best tricks is to embrace that your jeans will never reach your ankles and wear them as a pair of cropped jeans. Make-shift cropped jeans allow you the opportunity to wear your favorite pair of jeans; they just will have a different look than a full-length pair of pants. You also can throw on your favorite t-shirt or sweater to give them a causal but chic look that will have others wondering where you bought your stylish jeans.

This look is also great during the warmer months as a lot of people tend to wear cropped pants on a sunny summer day. With embracing the summer look, you can get ready in a snap by throwing on a cute tank top or tunic top.

Alter the Jeans

Although this tip requires a little more work, it’s a real-life saver. If you find a pair of jeans that you love, try buying the next size larger so that you can capture the length of the pants. If they are too big around the waist, you can first try a belt, or you can alter them to fit your waist size. This trick allows you to buy regular length jeans without worrying if they will be too short.

If you run into the problem of your jeans being too long when you go up a size, do not fear because Lands’ End offers a hemming service.

Wear Boots

Whether it’s fall or winter, a quick fix is to throw on a pair of boots that cover the bottom of your jeans. This allows you to still wear your favorite pair of jeans, with nobody knowing that they aren’t reaching your ankles. You can style the jeans with little to no heel boots, or if you love to embrace your tallness, you can throw on a pair with a more substantial heel. This look can be great for going to work, attending your child’s sporting event, or a night out with your friends.

Boots also allow you the option to throw on a warmer pair of boot socks if it’s cold outside, which is another great reason to try this hack.

Embracing long legs is hard to do when clothes are not made for longer bodies. Thankfully, Lands’ End embraces all body shapes and sizes and we want to make sure you feel confident enough to rock any pair of jeans—even if they don’t reach your ankles. Check out our jeans and tall clothing at, so you can get ready without second guessing if your jeans are too short.


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