A Guide to Wearing Thermals This Fall and Winter

A Guide to Wearing Thermals This Fall and Winter

When the temperatures drop and the chilly winter breeze sets in, it’s time to break out the women’s thermals. These essential winter layers give you the added warmth you need to stay toasty. Here’s a look at how to wear thermals during cool weather and what you need to know before the cold winter sets in.

What Are Thermals?

Today’s thermals are a far cry from the thick, one-piece undergarments your parents wore. Now, thermals are lighter and warmer that ever before. Most modern thermals can be purchased as a pair or as separates. Typically, you can opt to get various “weights” of thermals to match the temperature. Lightweight thermals are optimal for most indoor and outdoor wear, where you want just a little bit more warmth than your outfit provides. Heavyweight thermals are best for those who spend the majority of their time outside in the cold weather. Medium-weight thermals fall in between.

These new designs come in all different shapes and sizes, including plus-size long underwear and petite. Typically, thermals are made from either high-end synthetic materials or merino wool. Wool holds less stink, so you can wear the same pair day after day. However, they are pricier than their synthetic counterparts. Each type is equally as light and won’t add too much bulk to your outfit.

When Should You Wear Thermals?

Thanks to advancements in fabric technology, thermals are suitable to wear whenever you are slightly cold from the weather or room temperature. Lightweight thermals are ideal for transitions from indoors to outdoors while medium or heavyweight thermals offer plenty of protection for people who either work outdoors or have a long walking commute to their office.

You should wear thermals whenever the weather dictates a little extra layering. Mix and match wearing tops and bottoms either together or separately. You can’t go wrong, simply choose a combination that works best for you.

Can I Wear Underwear With Thermals?

Of course, you can wear undergarments such as bras and underwear with your thermals. Thermals are meant to have undergarments underneath them so you can move with confidence. It isn’t required and by all means, do what is most comfortable for you, but thermals aren’t meant to replace undergarments, but instead enhance them.

Layer up

The simplest way to wear thermals is to layer them. Consider wearing thermals underneath one of your favorite women’s cotton sweaters for an added boost of warmth. Or you can layer thermals underneath any of your plus-size flannel shirts. If you still catch a chill, consider wearing a basic tank top underneath your thermals to protect your core body from the cold. The point of thermals is to add another layer, so layer up with thermals to stay warm.

Show Off Your Thermals

Some of today’s hottest trends show off long underwear. Today’s styles combine patterns, prints, and your favorite colors to create a look that goes with your entire ensemble. Let your long underwear peep underneath the V-neck sweater you love. Alternatively, you can wear a button-up shirt unbuttoned while showing off your entire thermal top. Treating your long underwear like a basic layer lets you mix and match different styles to create a look you’ll love and be comfortable wearing.

Wearing Thermals With Pants

One of the biggest complaints about thermals is the bulk they create under pants. Fear not, today’s modern technology means that thermals are thin and comfortable enough that you'll want to wear them all season long. You don’t need to purchase pants in different sizes to wear thermals underneath. Start with a lightweight pair and pull it up above the natural waistline of your pants.

Next, put your socks on to eliminate any gap between your feet and your thermals. Lastly, put any pants, such as those rocking women’s jeans you simply can’t take off. The result is added warmth without worrying about bulky, scrunchy clothing getting in the way.

You can even opt to wear patterned thermals like leggings. Sport them underneath your favorite sheath dress or that cute corduroy pencil skirt. Style your thermals to work with your outfit instead of hiding them. Of course, if you’re wearing fitted pants you’ll likely want a thinner pair to avoid any bulk or pinching.

Long underwear is a fashion-forward layering choice that not only adds some style to your outfit, but they also keep you warm. Grab a few different pairs from basics to patterns to create new looks for your outfit. Choose sizes that hug your body to bring you maximum warmth without the bulk.


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