How to Wear Skirts and Dresses in the Winter

How to Wear Skirts and Dresses in the Winter

The never-ending battle between looking cute and chic versus keeping warm in the winter is real. When we're wearing skirts and dresses to work, for events, or just dressing up to go out — freezing our legs off can be a real concern!

It’s always sad to put away favorite skirts and dresses as fall transitions to winter, but we're happy to tell you there are ways you can indeed wear your women’s skirts and dresses in the winter without turning blue in the process.

Opt for Sweater Dresses

The first tip for wearing skirts and sweaters in the winter is to choose inherently warm pieces. Sweater dresses are classic dress choices that are not only stylish but also warm! Choosing a longer and heavier knit sweater dress will offer added warmth and coziness for those especially chilly winter days. Wear with tights, a pair of boots, and a warm jacket for an easy go-to winter look.

The Right Tights

Not all tights are created equal, especially when it comes to staying warm in the winter. The classic sheer stocking can work in winter months if styled with thick or tall boots and a warm dress or skirt, otherwise, they won’t do much to keep your stems warm. Instead, opt for thicker tights. Wool tights or opaque tights are a great choice when looking for ways to comfortably wear your favorite dresses and skirts. Even if you’re wearing a long dress or skirt, it’s good to wear a thick pair of tights underneath to be sure your legs stay as warm as possible.

Wool Skirts

Like choosing the right kind of dress, choosing the right skirt can also make a difference. The material makes all the difference, and a lightweight cotton skirt won’t give you the same insulation for colder weather as a thicker or heavier wool skirt. Midi skirts are especially favorable for the winter months for two reasons: they offer enough coverage to help insulate your legs yet still leave room to show off your boots. Another bonus when comparing this length to a full one is you won't drag the hem in the snow. Style a wool midi skirt with a cashmere turtleneck sweater tucked in, a pair of thick wool tights, and some lined calf-high boots for a cute and warm way to wear skirts this winter.

Upper Body Warmth

Dressing for upper body warmth is a much easier task than the other half! Taking care to insulate and keep your upper body warm may be all you need to withstand a little cold on your legs when wearing a skirt or dress in the winter. Layering well on top may be all you need to wear your skirts and dresses. The ultimate winter layering includes thermals, two sweaters, and a vest to withstand the cold and keep you warm enough to brace the chill on your legs.

Good Boots

Keeping your feet warm and dry is key to comfortably wear skirts and dresses in the winter. Choose a thick pair of wool socks and wear them over your tights for an extra layer of insulation. Then, choose a good pair of boots that will keep the cold and wet away. Women’s winter boots come in so many styles that you can surely find a pair that feels warm and looks cute.

If wearing regular boots, opt for boots that have an inner lining. Or, choose a pair of boots that reach knee-high, so the layer of leather insulates your lower legs. Wear your knee-high boots with a midi skirt or dress, tights, and a cozy turtleneck sweater. This Euro-inspired winter look is a chic and cozy way to wear skirts and dresses in the winter.

Trench Coat

Wear a classic trench coat to help cover your legs this winter. Long winter coats are excellent choices to cover your legs and offer extra insulation while wearing skirts and dresses in the winter. For added warmth, choose wool or a thick coat. Either way, the coat will help to keep the chill and wind off your legs, which will help keep you warm in the winter months.

Leggings and Thermals

If it’s especially cold in your region, feel free to bring out the MVPs of keeping your legs warm in the winter. Leggings and thermals work wonders in the coldest of months. Take your leggings to the next level and choose a pair of cashmere blend leggings that will offer you the lightness, softness, and warmth of cashmere on your legs. Thermals are designed to literally keep in your body heat and are a great choice for wearing beneath a long skirt or dress on that super cold day.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear dresses and skirts. Use these tips to stay warm while still wearing your favorite skirts and dresses through the winter.


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