What Are Boyfriend Jeans & How to Wear It

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

Many women may be wondering, “What are boyfriend jeans?” The stylish staple has been around for some time, but sometimes, it may be hard to pinpoint what these jeans are. Also, people may confuse boyfriend jeans with their close relatives: mom jeans and girlfriend jeans. Girlfriend jeans are the more feminine version of boyfriend jeans, which means they often have a tighter fit and are higher on the hip. Mom jeans usually have a high waist but a baggy fit around the leg area. Though there are newer versions of boyfriend jeans out there, most feature similar attributes, such as a slouchy, relaxed fit that sits a bit lower on the hips than girlfriend or mom jeans.

The menswear-inspired jeans originated from women wearing men’s jeans, but now they’re just jeans for women that look like they were made for men. Baggy boyfriend jeans are endlessly comfortable and flatter all body types too. They’re a wardrobe necessity available in all types of washes, colors, and finishes, including allover ripped patches and embellishments. Boyfriend jeans make casually cool styling effortless.

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans?

Now that you know the exact definition of boyfriend jeans, you’re probably wondering how to wear them. Boyfriend jeans are just as versatile as any other pair of women’s jeans. They’re available in ample hues, styles, washes, and finishes. You can wear them with statement-making casual pieces or a basic crop T-shirt for laid-back situations. Or you can add a feminine touch by elevating them with designer pumps and a dressy blouse if you’re heading to an event. Whether rolled up or hanging loose, read the tips below for other ways to wear your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans.

Rip Them Up With Reckless Abandon

Bring out your inner rock star by ripping up your boyfriend jeans. Shredding them yourself will let the tears look as authentic as possible. Plus, you can control the placement of your rips. Before you start slashing away, here’s what you’ll need: scissors, a craft knife, sandpaper for distressing, and a pair of tweezers. Figure out the placements you desire, and perhaps practice on an old pair of jeans. And once you build up your confidence, before ripping up your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, make sure you put something in between the front and back of your jeans to avoid cutting through them. If you’re feeling artsy, try adding some embellishments, like studs and rhinestones, and fraying the hem. If you’re afraid you’ll make a mistake, you can also purchase pre-ripped denim or invest in an in-store alteration service.

Wear Them Unrolled

Most people like to wear their boyfriend jeans with the cuffs rolled up. Switch things up by leaving the cuffs loose. To achieve a tailored look, you may have to get them tailored since many boyfriend jeans come in a longer length. Slip into strappy heels or booties to complete your look.

Use With an Oversize Blazer

Enhance your off-duty look by tossing an oversized blazer over your boyfriend jeans. A blazer adds a polished touch, especially when it's worn with pumps when you’re having drinks with friends during the weekend. Play around with different colors, textures, and patterns. Instead of neutral colors, you can layer with a bright red blazer with a graphic T-shirt underneath. Or opt for a houndstooth patterned tweed blazer with a silky, lace-trimmed camisole or your choice of women’s blouses.

Wear Them With a Cool Bomber Jacket

Finally, pair your boyfriend jeans with a bomber jacket for edgy vibes. Sporting a bomber jacket just looks cool, especially if you’re wearing a pair of designer sunglasses. For another way to make a bold statement, lace up some combat boots to complete your look. Or for something a bit more comfortable, slide into slip-on leather sneakers.

Boyfriend Jeans Buying Tips

You may be tempted by the sheer number of stylish boyfriend jeans. Before dipping in your pockets, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind before investing in a pair or two of boyfriend jeans. Choose the right wash for the occasion and styles with minimal distressing if you want to wear them to work. Some offices allow jeans, but not jeans with too much shredding. If you desire to flatter your curves a bit more, seek out a pair available in a slim fit or a high waist. If you’re on the shorter side, try a petite or crop pair of boyfriend jeans; you can also tailor them. Also, for the perfect fit, look out for plus size jeans, try on your favorite options!

Boyfriend jeans are anything but boring. But, you can add even more excitement by finding new ways to wear your jeans.


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