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How to Use a Throw Blanket on Your Bed

Throw blankets are versatile items for your home. Not only can they be wrapped around yourself for warmth, but they can also be used as décor. Like its name suggests, all it takes is throwing one over a piece of furniture to give a space a new look. Plus, throw blankets come in so many different fabrics, patterns, and styles that they can be used to accommodate a variety of different home décor trends, particularly in the bedroom. Let’s explore some of the best ways to use a throw blanket on a bed.

Make It Look Effortless

The effortless look can be quite inviting, keeping in mind that effortless and sloppy are two different things. When it comes to decorating with a?throw blanket, effortless means arranging it casually on the bed in a way that makes you want to curl up in it. The most attractive way to do this is by simply placing it diagonally across one of the two bottom corners of the bed. The look implies that it’s there to grab should you get chilly, but also gives a pop of color to the bedding and room at the same time. ?

Place It at the Foot of the Bed

While you can opt for the casual look on the bottom corner of your bed, you can also fold your throw blanket lengthwise and place it over the entire foot of your bed. There are ways to further customize this look, too. For example, do you want more of the throw blanket showing or just a tiny bit? If you want a lot, simply fold it in half. If you only want a little, fold it in thirds or even fourths. This look will also depend on the size of the bed, however, so keep that in mind. If you have a king-size bed, remember that the mattress is likely wider than the throw blanket itself, so you’ll want to make sure it is centered somewhat so it doesn’t look sloppy.

Get the Most of It

Again, this will depend on how large your mattress is, but you can possibly cover the entire length of the mattress (up to the pillows at least) with a throw blanket, depending on its size. During the summer months, you may not even need to use a?comforter?if it is really warm out. In the hotter temperatures, a throw blanket may be all you really need over the top sheet to be comfortable as you sleep.

Layer Two Blankets for a Chic Look

If you have two throw blankets that complement each other’s colors or patterns, consider layering one over the other. Then, fold the top part over so that both blankets are visible at once. If you use a patterned throw blanket, keep in mind that it will probably look best layered with a solid throw rather than mixing it with another pattern. You’ll want to keep in mind the style of the comforter, duvet, or sheets as well, depending on what you have underneath the throw blankets. However, if you want to go for a slightly mismatched boho look, it can look really cool to have different color sheets and pillowcases along with a comforter and throw blankets all on the same bed.

Drape It Over a Canopy

Metal and acrylic canopies are clever, affordable ways to make a plain bed look stylish. Consider draping a throw blanket over the top of the canopy instead of using a traditional sheer canopy curtain. You can either lay it flat over the top of the four posts or fold it in quarters and simply lay it over the top or bottom two posts for a more open look. If you have a variety of throws, go ahead and swap them out for different colors seasonally. Choose blankets that either match or contrast with your comforter or?bed sheets?for multiple options for your bedroom décor.

Weave it Along the Headboard

If you have bedposts, weaving a throw blanket around each of them can create a unique look. Adding a?throw pillow? that matches or complements the blanket can bring the look together.

There are a variety of ways you can use a throw blanket on your bed, not to mention other parts of your home. Just make sure whatever throw blankets you use aren’t just attractive to look at, but feel soft and welcoming to wrap up in, too. ?


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