How To Stay Warm at a Football Game

How To Stay Warm at a Football Game

Football is one of America’s favorite activities. Between sports games on primetime television to college football games and high-energy youth football, it's a beloved sport by folks of all ages. With football season comes fall and winter, typically starting in September and going through February when the Super Bowl arrives. As you brace for a season of outdoor sports watching, you'll need to know how to stay warm on the coldest days.

Here are tips for staying warm at a football game.

Wear Long Underwear or Thermals

Your base layer is key to making sure you’re warm. Instead of reaching for a plain white t-shirt as an undershirt, get something practical designed to keep you warm, which is where women’s long underwear or women’s thermals come in. These items are designed to trap your body heat so you stay warm and are moisture-wicking, too, so you won’t feel the winter chill. They come in all shapes and sizes — long-sleeved thermal tops, thermal pants, tank tops, turtlenecks, and more. There are even options in plus sizes and petite sizes, too.

You can purchase some long underwear to put on as your first layer of defense against the cold — so you can wear them underneath your jeans or sweater. People around you won’t see this layer, so you don’t need to worry about matching your long underwear to your football game outfit.

Get a Fleece Sweatshirt

A fleece zip-up is the perfect item to layer over your long underwear and underneath your heavy jacket. The fabric will keep you warm, and the zip-up nature of the jacket means you can zip it up to cover your neck as an added layer of protection against the cold weather.

Plus, when you’re not spending much time outside (like running winter errands or something), a fleece zip-up can be warm enough to wear as a jacket, so you know the fabric is toasty.

Wear Warm Footwear

Having cold feet and toes is one of the quickest ways to guarantee major discomfort at any outdoor winter gathering. For a fall or winter football game, you’ll want to ensure your toes are kept as warm as possible. First, put on a pair of regular cotton socks, then layer on some cozy wool women’s socks. This way, your feet will be doubly protected from the cold weather.

On top of those socks, you’ll want to wear your warm women’s boots to give your feet even more protection from the cold weather. Boots are ideal for a day outside in the winter — you’ll be outside for hours, and a pair of regular sneakers simply won’t cut it.

Wear a Down Jacket

Down jackets are the warmest variety of jackets out there — the down material traps your body’s heat and uses it to keep you warm underneath the feather-filled jacket. To combat cold weather and chilly breezes, break out your go-to down coat for winter football: bonus points if it’s a long jacket, too. That way, it will keep your upper body and your legs warm.

Put On Cozy Winter Accessories

Between winter hats, gloves, and scarves, you can easily add winter accessories that are designed to keep you bundled, warm, and cute all season long. Get winter accessories in proven warm fabrics like fleece or wool for a day outside watching the game, and don’t forget to pack an extra hat just in case the winter winds show up during the excitement of the game too!

Be Sure To Prepare for Rain or Snow

Rain, sleet, and snow are common on a winter day, so it’s important to dress for the weather if there’s a chance of precipitation because being cold and damp is never comfortable. In the case of rain or snow, wear a waterproof jacket, ideally one with a hood and shoes that will keep your feet dry. Also, bring an umbrella and a waterproof case for your phone. Or simply wear a poncho over your winter gear to ensure you stay dry all game long.

Football games are a fun activity for the winter season, but it’s important to ensure you’re dressed for the cold weather that often accompanies the game, which involves sitting outside for hours. When in doubt, just think of layers and bundle up! You can also pack more layers in tote bags to make sure you stay toasty warm and comfortable, cheering on your team!


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