How To Rock Jeans on Hot Days

How To Rock Jeans on Hot Days

They always say to dress for the job you want, which is why most of us usually want to spend hot days and the warmer seasons living in our swimsuits. While this might be very effective for manifesting full-time beach days, sometimes our agendas have other plans, despite how hot it might be out.

If you have indoor plans lined up, like a movie date, a dinner reservation, or need to head into the office, then you might have to consider wearing long pants despite the season and temperature. Or, perhaps you just love the look of pants and feel more comfortable in longer bottoms than you do in shorts or sundresses. Whatever the reason is, you might be looking to work your cutest jeans into your warm-weather clothing rotation. Below are some tips for making sure you do it in a stylish, comfy way and won’t make you long for your swimwear too much.

Consider the Cut, Style, and Fit

When it comes to rocking jeans on hot days, the most important considerations are the cut, style, and fit. After all, you want to ensure that you’re comfortable despite the high temps.

Even if part of your day will be spent indoors, traveling to and from a restaurant, movie theatre, or office won’t be super comfy if your jeans aren’t breathable. Instead, opt for jeans that provide some airflow and won’t feel too heavy as you move about your day.

For warm-weather jean-wearers (or aspiring warm-weather-jeans-wearers), now is definitely a time to rejoice because looser-fitting straight-leg jeans are very much on-trend. For jeans that are comfy enough for hotter days, opt for a high- or mid-rise pair of straight-leg jeans that hit right around your ankles, and be sure to go with a fit that allows for flexibility throughout the day.

Another great style of women's jeans for hot days is wide-leg crop jeans. Similar to trendy straight-leg jeans, wide-leg cropped jeans will be a little looser fitting through the thighs, but these will hit right above the ankle with a wider opening. This style of denim is very much on-trend as well and makes for a super comfy option for those hotter days.

These are just two styles of jeans that work great for hot days when you’ll be indoors or even those summer days that are a bit overcast or rainy.

Go for Lighter Shades of Denim

The next thing to consider when wearing jeans on a hot day is the shade or wash. Darker colors absorb more heat, so you might want to save your black or dark blue denim for cooler days.

The best jeans for hot days will be a super light blue wash (which, by the way, is also trending!) rather than a darker shade. You can also take hot days or the summer season as the opportunity to finally rock those cute white jeans that you’ve been waiting to debut.

Not only will light blue or white jeans feel a bit comfier and lighter than darker denim on hot days, but these summery shades will also fit the vibe of the day and weather better as well. Plus, light blue or white makes the perfect base for any of your go-to breezy tops.

Pair with Your Breeziest Tops

Speaking of breezy tops, that brings us to our next tip for rocking jeans on hot days. Just like you’ll want to opt for jeans that allow for maximum airflow, make sure you’re pairing them with airy, women's summer shirts.

Keep it as light as possible on top. Opt for a breezy, short-sleeve women's blouse that you can tuck into the waistband of your jeans or a slightly longer short-sleeve or sleeveless tunic-style blouse. These tops will provide the balance you need with denim bottoms for warm-weather days.

If you are going to be going into a movie theatre, heading for a restaurant with strong air conditioning, planning a summer-friendly outfit for the office (if jeans fit your work dress code, that is!), or if it simply looks a bit overcast and drizzly out, don’t be hesitant to also bring a light outer layer, like a cardigan sweater, that you can just stick in your bag. A light sweater layer is practical if you have a busy day with various indoor and outdoor activities ahead, and adds some style points.

If you keep these tips in mind, you can absolutely rock jeans year-round. Denim can be a surprisingly fun way to mix up your warm-weather clothing rotation. All you need to complete these looks is a pair of sandals or mules and your most stylish sunglasses. While we wish every day could be a beach day, incorporating jeans into your summery ensembles might just become one of your new favorite things.


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