How to Bring a Nautical Look to Your Bedroom

How to Bring a Nautical Look to Your Bedroom – Without It Being Cheesy

A nautical theme can be fresh and fun without being cheesy. Elevate your bedroom with a new look that inspires relaxation in a gorgeous new way.

Choose an Understated Nautical Color Scheme

There are a surprising number of colors that can be considered nautical. Some of the most popular include deep blue, navy, red, black, white, turquoise, sand or khaki, brick, cream, sea green, sky blue, yellow, shades of gray, and more. In order to keep your nautical color scheme from going overboard, limit your color palette to keep things slightly understated. Instead of going with every nautical color possible, choose a palette of about three colors to do most of your decorating with. For example, you may choose a color palette of white and navy with small accents of red, or a color palette of sand and cream with turquoise accents. Neutral colors can also go a long way when you’re trying to make a muted nautical look. Small accents of yellow or sea green will hint at the theme in a soft, soothing way.

Use Nautical Prints and Patterns With Care

If you want your bedroom to whisper that it has a nautical theme rather than scream “nautical” every time you enter it, choose your prints and patterns carefully. If you have been dreaming of new bed sheets with a sailing print, don’t go all out with anchor-print curtains and a lighthouse-patterned rug. Limit the number of prints or patterns in your decor and use solid colors or simple stripes for other pieces for a cohesive look that still gives off that fresh sea-like vibe you’re going for. You may also want to limit the number of different themes in prints, especially if you want more than one. For example, accent pillows with a life-preserver theme will look fabulous against solid-colored comforters, and a subtle anchor print curtain set will be an excellent look when paired with a coordinating solid-colored or striped rug.

Use Nautical-Themed Decor as Focal Points

Another easy trick for creating a nautical theme in your bedroom that doesn’t take it too far is by making select pieces of decor focal points for the room. For example, a large decorative piece designed to look like an anchor or a set of weathered oars hung on the wall will look fabulous as a main focal point. Using a creative driftwood centerpiece on the nightstand or dresser will create a gorgeous, fresh look. Some nautical flags hung strategically around the room will also lend a cool nautical vibe. An oversize clock made from a ship wheel will be a stand-out piece. The key is to pick a few simple pieces you love to highlight so you don’t go overboard with the nautical-themed decorations.

Go Beyond Stripes and Traditional Nautical Looks

You can set up a nautical bedroom even without having obvious nautical prints or decor. For example, a navy and white comforter with red accent pillows has a subtle nautical feel that speaks volumes just with those color choices. Checked prints in cream and tan, with some subtle sea glass or shell decor, will also create that light nautical look that keeps it sophisticated. Nature-inspired items like seagrass baskets or subtle accents like decorative rope ties for curtains will add that slight nautical touch without being too obvious. Rather than a specific nautical theme pattern (like anchors, life preservers, ship wheels, boats, and oars), you may want to consider getting that feel with an oversize print of a beach, lake, or sailing print or piece of art.

Get Creative With Accents and Repurposed Pieces

There is something beautiful and inspiring about real nautical pieces that are reused as decor, and the natural distressing and weather process only adds to the charm. Items like old glass fishing floats, oars, and real-life preservers will add a unique look to your nautical decor. Old fishing nets or lobster buoys can be used in creative ways to enhance the room in an authentic way. Frame an old coastal map for unique wall art. Old wooden furniture can be repainted with white or off-white and distressed to fit the bedroom’s vibe, too.

Turn to the Simple Things for a Subtle Nautical Feel

It’s possible to get that cool nautical feel even without totally redoing your bedroom. By being purposeful and creative with the accents you choose for the room, you can get the vibe in an easygoing way. For example, choose personalized throw blankets or throw pillows with nautical colors, or choose bedding in a traditional nautical shade. Place candle holders done in lighthouse or anchor themes on the dresser, or add an accent lamp with a subtle sea-life print on the lampshade.

Beautiful Nautical Bedrooms That Don’t Go Overboard

It is possible to create a fabulous bedroom with a nautical theme that feels fresh, elegant, and sophisticated. By thinking outside the box and using understated touches, you can get the relaxing look you’ve been dreaming of.

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