How to Make Jeans More Formal

How to Make Jeans More Formal

Women’s jeans are an all-around staple item that can easily transition from daytime errands to a fancy date night with a little pre-planning. Not sure how to make your jeans more formal? We’re here to solve your denim dilemma. Beginning with choosing the right fit for your body, women’s jeans can look classic and polished with very little effort. Here are some tips and tricks to make jeans more formal for any event.

1. Choose Jeans That Fit

Every woman’s body is different, and thankfully there are different fits of denim jeans that complement every shape and size. When choosing the right fit of jeans for your body, be sure to choose flattering styles that highlight your best features and are not too tight or uncomfortable. A good rule of thumb is to choose a pair of jeans that you feel comfortable wearing when you sit down. For a more formal and classic, tailored look, steer clear of loose or baggy clothing. Instead, look for styles that hug your body and are clean cut.

2. Choose the Right Waistline for Your Jeans

Another thing to consider when choosing a pair of jeans that can go from day to night is the cut of the waistline. Choose a versatile cut that provides sophisticated coverage to your mid-section and leaves you feeling comfortable in all positions, both standing and sitting. Different types of cuts flatter different body types. Low-rise jeans typically fall low on the hips and are more revealing of the stomach area, often appearing more youthful and casual, while high-rise jeans sit about three inches above the navel and offer more structure, lengthening the torso and drawing attention to the waist. This clean and more cinching high-waist look often appears more dressy and appropriate in formal settings.

3. Avoid Distressed Denim

When it comes to attending formal events and settings, it is best to appear streamlined and put together rather than over-the-top and trendy. Keep your look elegant and sophisticated by avoiding distressed denim or jeans with holes, embellishments, or deliberate markings. Instead, opt for a classic or dark wash pair of jeans that can be both dressed up or dressed down.

4. Choose Darker Jeans

Denim jeans come in all different shades. The fabric is dyed with everything from acid wash to coated denim, or left raw with very little finish. Blue denim jeans are that classic all-American look, effortlessly cool when paired with a white button-down, while dark wash and women’s black jeans can be paired with dressy tops made from dainty or delicate fabrics for a more elegant look. Darker jeans can transition from day to night with ease, and black jeans can easily be paired with boots or high heels for a more sleek and thoughtful style.

5. Choose a Classic Cut

Like all transitional clothing pieces and outfits, the most versatile looks are classic and sophisticated. When choosing denim that can easily be dressed up from day to night, avoid passing trends or short-lived styles. Instead, opt for classic and tailored looks that are ageless. While skinny jeans may be the latest sassy trend, keep in mind that straight leg jeans or boot cut jeans are timeless. When paired with elegant accessories and a statement top, these classic-cut denim jeans can look polished and put together.

6. Experiment with Color for a Bold Look

For when you’re daring to be different in denim, experiment with colored jeans for a more eye-catching look. Denim can be dyed to any color, from light pink to dark green, perfect for any occasion or festivity. While the same rules apply to cut and style, you can play with color to create a fun and bold look. For more formal events, opt for a darker color like merlot red, dark grey, or even black. For casual daytime events, choose from a light pink or white denim that is lighter and brighter.

7. Choose a Delicate Fabric or Top to Pair With Your Denim

When it comes to dressing up denim, the secrets are in the details. What you choose to pair with your denim makes a big difference, and with some forethought, you can even dress up a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans. To elevate your denim look, complement your denim jeans with soft and delicate fabrics that are not suitable for every day. Ditch the T-shirt and opt for a silk blouse instead. Choose more delicate cuts like cami tops and chiffon fabrics that attract more attention to your top than to your jeans. By choosing lighter, more delicate fabrics, your look will instantly be more dressy. Additionally, pair your more delicate and feminine ensemble with jewelry that is eye-catching and sparkly for an ultra dressy appearance. Finally, finish your denim look off with a pair of ladylike heels or boots.


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