Unforgettable Virtual Halloween Costume

How to Make an Unforgettable Virtual Halloween Costume

When you plan to attend a virtual Halloween party, the quality of your costume is just as important as what you would wear to an in-person gathering. Regardless of the quality of your computer or phone’s camera, people will be able to get a good view of your costume. Make this year's virtual Halloween costume unforgettable by paying careful attention to your look.

With just a spark of creativity and some effort, you can create a Halloween costume that will be the talk of the party. It’s also important to pay attention to social cues and understand the interests of other attendees to make a good outfit decision. With some planning and creative usage of everyday clothing items like comfy T-shirts, you can make an unforgettable virtual Halloween costume.

Group Themes

When you organize a group to stick to a certain costume theme, everybody can have a lot of fun. It also will look amazing in a group chat to see people coordinating to one theme. For the best results, stick to something easily recognizable, like a group of superheroes. Also, group costumes should be within everyone's budget and easy to make.

Don't plan something that requires obscure components or accessories that are difficult to find in stores or online. To make it even easier, look for sets and ready-made group costumes online. You can also keep things simple by having the group wear affordable and easy-to-find items in the closet like leggings and comfy jeans. The more accessible and easy the costume building is, the more organized you will be for your group costume presentation!

Details Matter

When it comes to an amazing Halloween costume, the details are the heart of its quality. Other people can easily spot which costume was made last-minute and which one was made with planning and care. When you take the time to bring the details to your costume, then it becomes something that people will compliment. For example, knowing what shade of red to use for Superman’s cape or what type of wig to wear for an Elsa costume can make a big difference. So do some research before you commit to a costume to achieve the best look for your party.

Recognizable Characters

Picking a suitable Halloween costume requires some strategy. It can be tiring explaining a costume that is too obscure or niche for the group. It's important to pick a costume that the crowd that you will be spending time with will understand. For instance, if you go to a historical costume party, then everyone would be prepared to guess who you are and recognize your character through some iconic features. At the same time, if you take this obscure costume and go to a mainstream Halloween party, there is a chance that few people will recognize your character.

Therefore, plan your costume according to who will be at the virtual party. This will make the gathering more fun for everyone and help stimulate conversation. This doesn't mean you have to do something boring or wear a costume that you don't like, but stay within a certain boundary so that you can relate to the people around you. When you're ever in doubt, you can always get bedsheets, cut some holes for eyes, and be a ghost!

Focus on the Waist and Up

In virtual parties, you will spend most of your time seated and chatting with friends. Though there will be moments when you move around and play games, most of the focus will be on your chest and up. So, make this part of your costume the most impressive. Whether you want to focus on intricate jewelry or detailed face paint, this is your chance to make an eye-catching costume from the waist up! Don’t just give up on the bottom half, though. If you have to get up and use the bathroom and you’re wearing pajama pants, it might cause some confusion!

Make Sure It Goes With Your Background

In virtual parties, both your costume and virtual background are important for your complete look. If you plan on using a green screen, don’t dress up as a green Shrek and become “invisible” when you try to use a green screen-dependent Halloween background in chat. Likewise, make sure that your costume won’t have to compete with your background. Run a few test backgrounds to achieve just the right match with your virtual background and costume before the party — not four minutes before it starts! If you want to remove the complications of backgrounds, get a physical backdrop or use in-house decorations instead.

When you make an unforgettable Halloween costume, your virtual parties will go off without a hitch. People will also be impressed!

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