Why Are Your Jeans So Uncomfortable?

Why Are Your Jeans So Uncomfortable?

Everyone has had jeans that don’t fit quite right. They pinch, chafe, slide, or scrunch in all the wrong places. Having the perfect pair of women’s jeans is all but a right in the fashion world. You don’t have to settle for a less-than-perfect fit. Here’s how to identify why your jeans are uncomfortable and how to select the perfect pair for your wardrobe.

The Waistband Pinches

Waistbands that pinch and rub, or cause unsightly rolls, don’t make you feel like a million bucks. This is a common problem in jeggings and is due to a thin waistband. Leggings and jeggings alike should have a wide, high waistband to prevent discomfort at the waist. When you’re trying on jeggings, be sure to sit down, raise your legs high, and even bend over. Pay attention to how the pants react to your body movement. A waistband that cuts into your skin will get uncomfortable rather quickly.

For regular denim, a pinching waistband means that the pants are too small. Try a size up. Remember that everyone is different, and so is every pair of jeans. The style you are trying might not match your body type.

Tight in the Thighs

Do you ever feel like you can’t get your jeans over your thighs? It’s the worst; it feels like you’re trying to put your legs into a vacuum tube. Yuck! This issue is common in women with strong legs, especially when wearing skinny jeans. First, try sizing up. If the waist is too wide, select a pair of curvy or plus size jeans. These jeans are designed for women who have thicker legs, which isn’t a bad thing!

Your Jeans Are Too Stiff

Regular, heavy-duty, boot cut jeans can often be too stiff. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a cardboard box and not cozy denim. Fortunately, the fix for stiff jeans is simple—wear them and wash them. If they are absolutely too stiff, but you need the durability (say for outdoor work), then wash the jeans several times with a nice, eco-friendly fabric softener. They should soften up over time without sacrificing too much durability. If you don’t need durability, consider getting a pair of jeans that are designed for fashion, not function. These jeans tend to use softer cotton and have a little more spandex built in for comfort. When trying on the jeans, move your legs around by high stepping, squatting, and lunging to test your mobility.

They Lose Their Shape

There’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you’ve found the perfect pair of jeans only to find that they lose their shape after a few hours. They feel loose in the crotch, bum, or even in the legs. This is a sign of cheaply made jeans.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a fix for this problem. For this reason, you want to ensure that you're buying jeans from a reputable designer. Don’t opt for the cheapest pair and expect them to last for more than a few washes. Be aware of jeans that are thin and have a high quantity of spandex. Spandex loses its shape fast, and that spells disaster if you’re looking for the perfect fit.

They Fall Down

How many times have you bent over only to notice that your jeans slip down your back? Hip huggers tend to be the worst offenders since your hips slide as you bend. Fortunately, high rise jeans easily keep you covered. Move with confidence by choosing jeans with a higher waistband. If you must have that hip-hugger look, wear a shirt with a long tail and tuck it in to avoid any embarrassing situations. Jeans that don't fall down are a must-have in every wardrobe.

They Don’t Keep You Warm

Ever head out on a cold day only to find that your favorite pair of jeans don’t keep you warm? It might even feel like there’s an air conditioner blowing at your legs. This is because thin, skin-hugging jeans don’t have much in the way of insulation. Consider wearing a thin base layer underneath your skinny jeans. Alternatively, you can purchase a pair just for winter that has a looser fit. Throw on a pair of fleece pants underneath for added warmth.

Your jeans don’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, they shouldn’t be. There’s a pair of jeans for every body type. The key to finding the perfect fit is to try on as many styles as possible to find what fits you best. Select the best quality denim and keep your hometown climate in mind.


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