How to Dress Like an Italian Woman Over 50

How to Dress Like an Italian Woman Over 50

Have you ever noticed how Italian women over 50 look effortlessly chic? If you are interested in creating this look for yourself, read on. We have some easy tips to help you get started.

Start With a Firm Foundation

To dress like an Italian woman over 50, you’ll want to start by feeling confident and comfortable from the inside of your outfit. If it has been a while since you have bought new bras or panties, why not do a quick dresser inventory? Are your current foundation garments comfortable? Are any of them worn out or just not your style anymore? It’s easy to overlook these when planning your wardrobe.

What about colors? Do you have enough neutrals close to your skin tone to “disappear” under clothing when you want them to, and enough colors and fun designs to suit your taste? Foundation garments run the gamut from bras and panties to bicycle shorts to all-in-one shapewear to hosiery and socks.

Quality Counts

There is an adage that buying quality will save you money in the long run. Quality clothing pieces last longer, and they look better doing it, saving you time to boot! If you enjoy fast fashion, go for it, but if you want a great look that will stand the test of time, buy quality pieces in classic colors and styles. Start with pieces like dark tailored pants, a classic women’s white blouse, and skirts and dresses in classic cuts. These items will create the foundation of a great wardrobe, while an occasional trendy piece will freshen it up.

Consider the quality of the fabric, the construction of the garment, and the fit when shopping for quality clothing. Natural materials like silk, linen, cotton, and cashmere are great for your wardrobe staples. You’ll want to inspect the stitching to make sure it looks even and secure.

Say “Yes” to the Dress

One of the secrets to dressing like an Italian woman over 50 is to say “yes to the dress.” Dresses are a one-stop wardrobe solution that can save you time while making you look and feel great. Dresses can be casual or dressy while being one of the comfiest options around—especially as hosiery is no longer a fashion requirement for most occasions. Can dressing get easier than a dress and your favorite sandals?

To get the Italian women over 50 looks, stick to neutral-colored dresses with simple lines. They also like to embrace their curves while not showing too much skin. Think about what silhouettes make you look and feel great and create those with your dresses. Perhaps trying a belted dress for summer would be a lovely look.

Classic Combos

For an instant Italian woman over 50 looks, tuck a light neutral-colored women’s blouse (silk is a great choice) into a pair of dark-colored women’s pants. Make sure that your pants fit well and have a cut that makes you look and feel great. Italian women tend to wear their clothes fitted, which helps them to look classy while creating the feel of everyday ease.

Jeans are an option, too! Jeans with a white shirt and red lipstick can look fabulous. You could choose either neutral or red shoes to go with them. Outerwear like a classic trench coat can be a great part of the Italian woman over 50 look while giving you more options for changing weather. A sleek, long coat can look both casual and elegant.

Accessorize for Style

Italian women over 50 seem to know how to maximize their looks with classic accessories like sunglasses, scarves, and handbags. Their outfits are mostly made from neutral colors, which creates a fun canvas for playing with colorful accessories. Italian women love colorful handbags and accessories that create visual interest, like large, colorful jewelry. Chains and large pendants can be good choices. And, of course, they love scarves! You can wear a brightly patterned scarf or tie one to the handles of your purse. Many of us don’t wear scarves often. If women’s fashion scarves are new for you or you would just like some fresh ideas of how to wear them, why not do an internet search for photos and videos? There are tons of resources available.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

To get the Italian woman over 50 look, go for classic and simple footwear. Leather loafers or simple sandals in dark neutrals like black or brown are a great choice. Italian women also love their heels. If high heels don’t work, consider a sleek kitten heel for an elegant line and greater walkability. Low or flat mules can also be a fun choice, especially for warm weather.

With a bit of intention, you can give your wardrobe a lovely new look that you will enjoy for years to come. Why not try dressing like an Italian woman over 50?


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