How to Create Androgynous Looks

How to Create Androgynous Looks

There is just something comfy and calm about androgynous fashion. Its everyday ease and simplicity draw you in and can feel liberating. Let’s look at some ways to create androgynous looks you will love.

What is Androgynous Fashion?

Androgynous fashion blurs the line between masculine and feminine, yet it is different than gender-bending or cross-dressing. Gender norms of masculinity and femininity have become standard within our culture. No matter how well-intentioned, this can hinder the expression of individuality and alternative forms of style. At Lands’ End, we are all about creating comfy clothes that support your individual style, not some cookie-cutter definition of fashion.

Androgynous fashion often includes unisex clothing. “Unisex” is a term that categorizes clothes as not belonging only to one gender. A square-cut blouse, a men’s button-down shirt, a crew neck women’s T-shirt with a loose fit and wide-leg pants would all be examples of unisex clothing.

Start with the Silhouette

When coming up with an androgynous look, you will want to start with the overall silhouette that you want to create. Androgynous fashion goes for a looser look, one that doesn’t conform to the body's form. If you want an androgynous outfit, leave the skinny jeans and leggings in the closet for this one. Pants that have a wider, straight cut from waist to hem will give you the casual ease (and often casual elegance) of an androgynous look. Most of the pantsuits that you have seen women wear that you would describe as “roomy” fit this silhouette. The pants may be fitted at the waist, but they are cut wide through the leg and often have a clean, almost boxy shirt or jacket that goes with them to keep the line from shoulder to hem flowing evenly.

One of the fringe benefits of wearing an androgynous outfit is that, unlike many garments designed to show off a woman’s curves, you can sit however you want. For those of us who love the comfort of a pair of women’s jeans, partially because we don’t need to keep our legs crossed at our ankles (like our mothers or grandmothers instructed us), an androgynous look is pure comfort.

What to Wear on Top

Keeping with the theme of clean lines, button-up shirts, oversized men’s T-shirts, and tunics with straight sides are all good candidates. A women’s white blouse that doesn’t have darts to give it a curvy shape can be a great choice. If you prefer, you can find these in the “women’s section,” but why not shop the whole store? Clothes that are labeled “men’s” or “women’s” are just that—labels meant to assist you in your shopping because they typically fall in certain size ranges and are meant to appeal to the wearer. You can double your possibilities by going beyond gender labeling.

Blazers can be a great addition to an androgynous outfit. When looking at candidates, think about how effectively the silhouette will be maintained with a given blazer. Avoid blazers that have too many darts or don’t have a straight cut from the shoulder to the hem. They may be cut to show off curves which can be a great look but doesn't fall into the androgynous category. A looser cut that falls a bit longer on the body will do the trick. Most often, stick with neutral colors that don’t look overly gendered. Pop colors can be fun in blazers. If you go for a colored blazer, primary colors can make a fun fashion statement.


Sneakers aren’t just one of the comfiest forms of footwear ever invented; they are also great for creating an androgynous look. You might not want to wear them to the most formal of all occasions (although apparently there are brides opting to wear sneakers down the aisle these days—yay for self-expression!), they will go with almost anything. If you are creating an androgynous look for work, make sure that sneakers are okay with the dress code before you put on your favorite kicks. For a more traditional setting, loafers can be a good look. Lots of flats have a simple enough line to them to fit right in with androgynous fashion (especially if you avoid gendered ornamentation like bows that are on the more feminine-looking side).


From Katherine Hepburn to Khloe Kardashian, women have rocked androgynous looks with long hair as well as short hair for decades. Simplicity is the key here as well. Short, medium, or long, go for simple lines that frame your face and look great on you. An androgynous look is a time to show off your tresses, not your barrettes or bejeweled hair combs. With all of this said, it’s your hair. Wear it how you like it best!

Go create an androgynous look you will love!


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