How to Choose Between Different Denim Washes

How to Choose Between Different Denim Washes

Buying a pair of women’s jeans is a lot of fun since there are so many options. Through distinctive washing processes, denim can get different textures and colors. This expands styling options through a vast color spectrum. A designer will take raw denim and apply a different shade to create interesting looks to achieve new washes. There may also be a texturizing process to make the jeans look more worn. Here are the basic types of washes you can find in a store:

There are also other types like whiskered, acid wash, and distressed jeans, but these looks are closely tied to fleeing trends, while the washes listed above tend to remain in fashion. Here are some of the strengths of each major wash to help you decide which one is right for you.

Dark Wash Denim

Dark wash denim is known to be one of the most versatile washes. It can be worn during the day and at night because its hue makes it easy to match with dressy tops. It’s easy to dress it up or down depending on what look you want to achieve. It’s the shade of choice for casual Fridays at work or that low-key date at a live music venue.

Wear dark high-rise jeans with a plain white T-shirt for weekday errands or switch things up with heels, a silk blouse, and a blazer for a professional but relatable outfit. Also, since this wash is dark, cheer it up with some brighter colors and patterns when you feel like it.

Medium Wash

Medium wash jeans are at least a shade lighter than dark washes. It’s seen as a bit more casual than dark jeans, so it’s quite versatile. Consider it a good middle-of-the-road wash that can pass at work but also at your friend’s barbecue. This wash looks excellent with casual comforts like a knit sweater or hoodie. It also looks good when you wear it with some business casual tops for a clean and semi-professional look.

Light Wash

This type is at least two shades lighter than medium-wash jeans. It’s the go-to pick for the summer and casual events. It’s not advised to wear light wash denim to work or formal events. However, it’s picture-perfect when you pair medium straight-leg jeans with a tank top, a white t-shirt, or a casual graphic tee. When you want to dress down and feel comfortable, your light wash jeans will set the mood for you. They also look wonderful when paired with dark-colored tops because of the contrast it creates.

White Wash

White jeans are the quintessential pair for the summer. Get yours in lightweight denim so you won’t feel overheated as you sport this style. It’s a rather challenging color to work with in terms of matching tops, but it typically looks good with other solid colors like black and pink. Be sure that you bring balance to your outfit’s color scheme. For instance, avoid white tops because they will look too monochromatic, but instead opt for a shirt with interesting patterns and colors. To top off the summery look, show off some pretty shoes with this type of jeans.

Black Wash

If you want to look instantly more sophisticated and cool, put on a pair of women’s black jeans. This bottom has an edgy but slightly formal feel, which can truly transform your outfit. They usually pair well with lighter tops and patterns.

It’s possible to create a business casual look by pairing black jeans with a light button-down shirt or throw on a blazer to make it look even more uppity. This pair of jeans is also famous for looking chic with animal prints like leopard and cheetah. Also, if you know you’re prone to accidents and stains, these jeans will disguise any lunch break mishaps. Perhaps it’s the best jean for parents with young children for this reason!

Different Colors

When you want to jazz things up, there’s no better way than to find jeans with bold, fun colors. Whether you choose red, hot pink, yellow, gray, blue, green, or other colors of the rainbow, you’ll have a lot of fun creating new looks with some surprising colors. The only caveat is that matching colored jeans or jeggings can be more challenging compared to dark to light washes.

Before you buy denim in unique colors, check your closet to make sure you have a top that complements the look. For the easiest styling, keep black and white neutral tops on hand. These will match with colored jeans easily. You can also opt for graphic or patterned tees that harmonize with the color scheme of your pants. Stick to neutral-colored shoes to balance the color spectrum and not make anything look too busy.

There are many types of denim washes to spice up your outfits that require various washing methods. These styles of denim washes can increase your outfit choices and make daily styling more fun.


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