A Guide to Inseam Measurements and Why They're Important

A Guide to Inseam Measurements and Why They're Important

If you're looking for a new pair of jeans or dress pants, the sizing you see as you shop around can be more than confusing. After all, a size 12 for one brand can be a size 14 for another brand. This doesn't make a lot of sense—which is why it’s more important to look at waist, rise, and inseam measurements to find the right fit. Thankfully, It's important to know your measurements to get the right type of jeans for your body. With a variety of sizing ranging from petite to curvy, everyone has plenty of options to find the right pair of pants for their body type.

While women’s jeans may vary in their number sizes, you can open up a measurement chart to find the specific measurements for each size. You can then use this information to fine-tune your jeans selection. So what is an inseam, and how can you use it along with other measurements to get the perfect fit?

What Is an Inseam?

An inseam is low long the pants are from the base of the crotch or zipper to the bottom of the leg opening. On size charts, you’ll often see this measurement under the waist and hip measurements or in the product description. Inseams make sure that you get the right pant length—whether you are petite, regular, or tall! To get the look you want, the right inseam matters.

Overall, longer inseams suit wide-leg, flares, and bell-bottoms better than skinny jeans. Choosing the right inseam marks you safe from fashion no-no's like high waters or pants that are way too long and drag on the ground. When it comes to straight-leg and boyfriend jeans, the inseam can be more flexible because of the ability to cuff your pants if they are too long. In this case, it's easier to choose a longer inseam from the beginning so that you don't have to return any "high-water" pants.

It’s Not Just Inseam That Matters

When do you look for the right fit, you should look for more than just your inseam. Your hip, rise, and waist measurements are also crucial to find the proper look that will be comfortable all day long. Waist measurements come in centimeters or inches. Each size chart shows you where to measure for the correct figure. Typically, waists are measured at the narrowest part below your belly button. Hips are measured at the fullest part around your buttocks and hips. Rise is the distance from the bottom of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. If you have a narrow waist and larger hips, explore curvy-fit jeans. They are designed with wider hip measurements while staying within the standard sizing categories for the waist.

This variety embraces your figure and creates a seamless silhouette. Depending on your height, this can mean getting pants in petite, regular, or tall sizing. Pay attention to how the inseam affects the way your pants fit if you choose a different style like high-waisted pants, too. Not only should the waist measurement be exactly at your natural waist, but you should also consider whether you want a flare- or a straight-leg silhouette. While straight-leg jeans can be cuffed, it’s not so easy to do with flare-leg.

Hemming: For the Right Fit Every Time

If you are a petite person or find yourself in between inseam sizes, you can customize your inseam by requesting tailored hemming. This option is especially useful for people who are shorter than the petite size range. Whether you want to order this at checkout or take your pants to a tailor on your own time, this option ensures that your jeans or dress pants look just right on your figure. Keep the type of shoes that you plan to wear with your pants in mind as well. For instance, if you have slacks with a longer inseam but plan to wear high heels with them, the extra inseam can work to your benefit. Therefore, it's always wise to try on your pants with shoes before you commit to custom hemming.

Finding the right pants requires a combination of precise measurements that are tailored to your body. When you know your measurements, you can find specific jeans fits that suit you and make you feel your best.


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