A Petite Woman's Guide to Finding a Great Coat

A Petite Woman's Guide to Finding a Great Coat

Finding the perfect coat should be on everyone's to-do list this season. Staying warm and cozy is a top priority, and looking great just sweetens the deal. Petite sizing is about height, rather than size or body type. Petite sizes refer to clothes that are tailored to fit people who are generally 5’4” or shorter — you can fall into the category with any body shape, from hourglass to pear. Standard clothing is designed for women 5’5” and taller, so petite sizing is really all about clothes with the right proportion and fit.

Generally, petite clothing designers will create items that work best for your height and measurements. That means adjustments in the shoulders, shorter sleeve length, and placing higher armholes — all of which are especially important for jackets and coats. Women who are considered petite have certain things they should look for on the search for a fabulous coat, the most important of which is finding the one they just can't live without.

Finding a Great Coat for Fall

One of the best transition pieces for those in-between months is a vest. However, vests can be tricky for petite women since they're meant to lie flat against your body for warmth (and style). Petite vests are the heroes here because the shoulder and armhole measurements will be made with your frame in mind. Look for an insulated, packable barn vest to wear over a women's long sleeve shirt with some corduroy pants for a trip to pick apples or a walk on a cool afternoon. The extra warmth a vest provides will keep you at your most comfortable as you take your time enjoying the day.

Another great option for fall is a zip-up or pullover fleece jacket. You can find cozy and warm fleece jackets in all kinds of patterns and colors, so they're ideal for someone who likes to shine. Falling at a flattering mid-hip length, the fit of a petite fleece won't have you lost in extra fabric. Instead, you'll be beaming with confidence as you wear a garment that you're going to love for years to come. Speaking of which: fleece is super durable and easy to care for, so it'll be a fan favorite for a long, long time. It's also easy to pair with anything, from bootcut jeans to women's yoga pants.

Best Petite Coats for Winter

When it comes to petite women's winter coats, there's not a ton of difference to standard coats other than how the petite sizing will fit your frame. It's worth a look. Even a coat considered long will land exactly where you hope it will — rather than below your knees, like some standard "long" coats might. In fact, a petite long coat that hits you in just the right places actually gives the illusion that you're taller since the proportions are on point. The Squall 3-in-1 waterproof winter long coat is waterproof and windproof making it one of the warmest and, somehow, also the coolest jackets you can find. With bold colors and a chic and flattering silhouette, you'll absolutely love every second you spend wearing it. Pair it with fleece-lined leggings or straight-leg jeans.

One of the major benefits of finding the petite coat that is made for your frame is that you can grab it and go knowing it's got you covered. A lot of your standard winter coat options can't easily be tailored to fit you just right, and having a coat that's too big leaves ample room for cold air to float in. The women's petite expedition waterproof down winter parka is a glamorous and generous coat that will keep you insulated all day, no matter where you take it. With a warmth rating of -2º to +26º Fahrenheit, you can be the stylish snow bunny of your dreams or the champion snowball thrower in the family. Either way, you'll look and feel incredible every time. The hood adds an extra treat for petite women: the length from your shoulder to the top of your head is fitted so that it actually stays on and protects you from any wind blowing your way.

Petite Jackets for Spring

You want to be sure you've got a fit that will lock out any cold air during spring months, but also has some adaptability for those fluctuating temperatures. The women's petite insulated 3-in-1 rain parka has a warm rating of +11º to +35º Fahrenheit, so you'll stay bright and glowing even when the weather's still a bit gloomy. Its cinch waist also lets you play with definition, shape, and volume however you wish, depending on your body type and style preferences. In addition to the modern frame of the windproof and waterproof shell, this coat also packs a vest within, so you can unzip and let some air in without feeling chilled.

Even if you're considered petite, petite-sized clothing isn't your only option — it's just a really good one. There are plenty of women who fit into more than one category. For women who are below 5’4” but have longer arms, torsos, or legs, you might fit perfectly in certain standard-sized garments already. You can always mix and match, finding that you need petite tops, but that the jeans you buy in standard women's sizes fit you effortlessly.

In the end, the best way to find the perfect petite coat is to find a style that really excites you, and make sure it comes in petite sizing. The main thing is making sure the shoulders and arms fall in the right places, and fit as comfortably as you've always dreamed. Add in a twirl and you'll be singing in the rain in no time.


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