Guide to Styling Black Boots

Guide to Styling Black Boots

Black boots are a popular go-to footwear style and with good reason. These versatile accessories can pair with virtually anything in your closet. For the best look, consider these tips and tricks when it comes to wearing your next pair of fabulous black boots.

Styling Knee-Length Black Boots

Knee-length black boots are a fantastic eye-catching look, but you can pull them easily off with a little know-how. Since these boots are a little bolder than low boot styles, it’s a good idea to make them the focal point of your outfit. That means keeping the rest of your outfit and accessories a little bit more understated. These boots can pair well with skinny jeans and a floaty blouse, or with a short casual dress and sweater. This can look great with leggings and tunics, sweater dresses, or corduroy or denim skirts with button-up blouses. For a casual or date-night look, pair your black boots with a dark pair of women’s black jeans, a lacy tank, and a button-up blouse tied at the waist. You can also wear knee-length boots in many work environments - pair them with a variety of skirt and dress styles for a unique look.

Wearing Black Ankle Boots

When you’re looking for a shoe style that offers up a superbly adorable silhouette and the ultimate in versatility, a black ankle bootie can’t be beat. These look excellent with straight-leg denim jeans, jeggings, and pants of all types, as well as almost any skirt or dress silhouette. They have a slightly dressy look, so they work well to dress up an outfit that is on the casual side, but they also pair well with work-ready pants and skirts. Leggings and tights also look fabulous when worn under a pair of cute black ankle boots.

How to Wear Lace-Up Black Boots

Lace-up black boots come in a variety of different looks, from goth-inspired trends with platform soles to sleeker heeled styles and subtle laces. Despite their variations, this black boot type is typically a little bit more on the casual side, so it works well with denim and casual pant looks. They can also look excellent paired with dresses like floaty florals or loose maxi styles. The edginess of the boot style has a nice contrast to the soft look of those dress types for a unique contrast. This type of boot can also be a great transitional shoe - wear it with shorts and a long-sleeved tee or button-up top when heading into cooler weather.

Embellished Black Boots

While a simple black boot style can work well with anything, there are tons of incredible embellished looks on the market, too. Embellished black boots look dressy and can a little bit more flair to any outfit. Subtle embellishments can be worn to the office, while those with a little more edge, like grommets or crystals, are best reserved for weekend wear. Buckles are a popular enhancement that add a subtle decorative look to any black boot and create and add an element of interest.

Flat vs. Heeled Black Boots

Another consideration to take into account when you’re considering what clothing pieces to pair with black boots is whether you’re going for a flat or heeled boot. Black boots with traditional heels are super sleek and stylish, ideal for dressy outfits, and make an artful and eye-catching outfit. Flat boots are more casual and can be worn with a wide variety of different outfits and items. Depending on the finish, some flat black boots will have a dressier look than others, however. Black boots with a chunky heel are an excellent and on-trend look that can work well with a variety of outfits, too. They have a nice blend of casual and dressy that makes them versatile enough to have a permanent place in your closet.

Considering the Finish and Material of Your Black Boots

Still, yet another tip when styling your black boots is to consider the overall finish and material the boot is made from. A shiny finish, like patent leather, for example, has a cool, alluring look that is very different from the soft warmth of a pair of black suede boots. In general, shiny finishes tend to appear a little dressy while flat or matte finishes are a little more on the casual side. Keep in mind that you can always switch things up and pair an unexpected finish with an outfit for a contrasting look that stands out in all the right ways.

Black Boots Go With Everything

While there are a lot of variations in the different looks and styles when it comes to black boots, the bottom line is that these little beauties literally go with everything. They have a classic feel and can be worn time and time again with different outfits to boost your confidence and make you look your best.


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