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Everything you need to know about bootcut jeans

I’ll admit it. Jean shopping and I have a complicated relationship. It starts out well, with me excited to take on the challenge of finally finding that pair of women’s jeans that has the potential to “do it all.” Something that is polished enough to fit in to my work wardrobe but also sleek enough to wear out on the weekends and comfy enough to get me through that Friends marathon I just started binging on the couch (again). But, alas, then I actually go shopping and see all of the choices for women’s jeans and get overwhelmed, quickly second-guessing my one-jean-fits-all-purposes mission at hand. After all, why would there be so many different styles available if one jean could actually be all things to all women? Then, in a moment of weakness and self-doubt, I ultimately end up buying several pairs of jeans in several different cuts and styles – some of which I know deep down in my heart of hearts will never make it past my bedroom – only to find myself standing in front of the mirror yet again wishing for that one pair of magical do-it-all women’s jeans.

That is, until recently.

Yup, I have finally, FINALLY, found my pair of all-purpose jeans. They’re stylish, functional and so comfortable I could take them hiking on a mountain or just up a few flights of stairs to a rooftop deck to enjoy a glass of wine. When it comes to all-purpose needs my bootcut jeans are the ones I turn to. Surprised? I was, too. After all, with a name like “bootcut” you’d assume they’re for boots only, right? Wrong. And what about work? Surely they’re too bulky to pull off a professional look? Guess again. Are bootcut jeans even in style? They sure are and super versatile. With a little know-how you can make bootcut jeans work for all walks of life. Don’t believe me? Keep reading for the 411 on bootcut jeans and decide for yourself if they’re the “everything jean” you need in your life too.

Are bootcut jeans back in style?

Yes – and no. Bootcut jeans are definitely on the fashion scene once again but they’re not exactly the same basic blue-wash high waisters you remember wearing to high school dances back in the day. This denim classic is back but with modern flare like ankle length hems, distressed knees and extra flare (if you’re into that type of thing). Available in various colors, washes and rises you can find a bootcut jean worthy of any lifestyle.

How should bootcut jeans fit?

Bootcut jeans, like all others, should fit comfortably at your waist. For mid-rise jeans you should expect the waistline to hit at or slightly below your belly button. The leg of the jean, however, is where you get that style you want. It should fit snug through the thigh to the knee then flare out slightly below the knee down to the tops of your toes. And don’t forget about the hem. Unless you’re styling a cropped jean that is made to cut above the ankle then you want the hem of your women’s bootcut jeans to fall where your toe meets your foot. So, if you need to get them tailored remember to try them on with the right shoes and avoid getting them hemmed too short.

What shoes do you wear with bootcut jeans?

Yes, these jeans may have originally been designed to wear with (cowboy) boots but they shouldn’t be limited to just one type of fancy footwear. Cropped bootcut jeans that fall above the ankle look great with flats of all kinds, like stylish slip-ons or casual wear which includes sneakers and boots without a heel. If you’re going to wear any type of heel, however, you’ll want a more traditional length specifically where the hem meets the toe of your foot. Keep in mind that this could mean buying a longer inseam to wear with high heeled shoes or boots.

How to style your look around bootcut jeans?

You’ve gotta love the way bootcut jeans look great on every shape. Stylish and universally flattering, this is one cut of jean that you can wear anywhere – as long as you pair it with the right pieces. Since bootcut jeans flare slightly at the ankle wearing something fitted or tailored on top is a good idea. Wear something too loose or baggy on top and risk looking sloppy or rounder than you really are. Focus on creating long, lean lines and visually balancing out your look from top to bottom and you’ll have no problem making bootcut jeans fit your personal style.

Can you dress bootcut jeans up?

Of course. Dressing up denim often has more to do with the wash and the fit than it does with the style of jean itself. Typically speaking dark wash jeans are the way to go when you’re looking for a dressier choice for work or a night out on the town. Also making sure the jeans you’re wearing fit well is another important part of getting that classy denim look down. Jeans that are too big or baggy look sloppy and those that are too tight – aside from making you look uncomfortable – also diminish the success of your overall look. Take the time to find your perfect fit and you’ll look like a million bucks no matter what you wear with them.

How to wear bootcut jeans to work?

If you are one of the lucky people that get to wear jeans to work then I implore you to make the most of it. Make your dark wash bootcut jeans work for you and dress them up for a day at the office with a patterned blouse and tailored jacket helping to create long lines from top to bottom. Add a pair of high-heeled shoes and you’ll be all set for whatever that hectic day throws at you. And, by the way, you’ll also be more than ready t o grab a cocktail at happy hour with your co-workers if you’re so inclined.

Whether at home or at the office, for work or for play, as far as I’m concerned bootcut jeans are the pair you need to keep you looking and feeling good all day long, no matter what the day holds. So what are you waiting for? Get some bootcut jeans today and feel good about doing whatever comes your way tomorrow. Because you know that you’ll be dressed for it. Whatever it becomes.


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