Men's Clothing Measurements: The Difference Between Big and Tall

Men's Clothing Measurements: The Difference Between Big and Tall

An attractive and functional wardrobe requires versatile clothing that fits your unique body type. A balanced assortment of men's pants and shirts can take you from the office to the golf course in style. Because everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, the clothing industry has come up with different sizing standards for both men and women. When it comes to men’s clothing, you can choose regular, big, tall, or big and tall sizes. Depending on your height and shape, you can find the right type of clothing to suit your measurements and keep you feeling comfortable all day. Here's our men's clothing measurements guide and how you can determine which size will work best for you.

Look Good with the Right Clothes

Have you ever wondered why celebrities always look so good in their photo ops? How do their clothes look so perfect on them? The secret is that many celebrities take the time to tailor their clothing to fit their measurements. The good news is that even us non-celebrities can take this concept and apply it to our style. If the key to looking good is to wear clothes that fit, then seeking out clothing made for your unique frame is essential.

For example, if you’re tall, you should buy pants that have extra length or rise to create the most flattering fit. If your chest is wide, then some shirt styles may feel too tight. Instead, you want to make sure that your clothes bring out the best of you. This means no pinching, tugging, or constant readjusting to keep your outfit in place. To find the best fit for you, it’s important to discover which sizes you should wear.

What Is Regular?

Men who do not fall into the categories of big or tall wear “regular” size clothing. This is a range you can explore as a starting point to find your ideal size. Tops range between extra-small to extra-large, and pants usually go by easy-to-follow waist and length measurements. Every clothing company has its particular sizing chart, which means you should take some quick measurements to find out where you fall in the spectrum of regular sizes.

Shirts like men's polo shirts and dress shirts usually go by detailed neck and chest measurements. This ensures a comfortable fit all day. If you constantly find that you’re pushing the boundaries of XL in regular shirts or get frustrated with pants that are too short or tight, then check out your options in big, tall, or big and tall.

What Is Big?

If you find that XL tops in regular men’s sizes feel too tight, then you might find a better fit in big clothing. Big men have a larger measurement across the waist, chest, and hips than what can be accommodated by regular sizes. By switching to big sizes, larger men can get a smooth, cozy fit without having to constantly pull and readjust their pants or tops. When you want your men's dress shirts to look just right with your tie and blazer, make a size adjustment. There’s something magical in how just a few tweaks here and there can give you that stunning appearance you want. Try on a few big shirts and pants and feel the difference. You’ll be delighted at how great you look in the mirror!

What Is Tall?

If you’re around 6’2” or taller, it’s no secret that it’s hard to find pants and shirts that fit right. But whether you have a long torso or legs, tall men's clothing helps you achieve the fit you’ve always wanted. Tall shirts are perfect for men with long torsos. These shirts fall below the waist, unlike regular shirts that may hover a little too high. They also have sleeves that reach the wrists — a necessity if you have long arms. While tall shirts add length to the torso and sleeves, tall pants can offer more “rise,” which is the length between the crotch to the waist. There are also tall pants that have standard rises with longer pant lengths. Essentially, if you’ve been struggling with pants that pinch around your hips or that run too short, then try out tall sizes. You may find the fit you’ve been looking for.

What Is Big and Tall?

You may wonder then what are considered big and tall sizes? If you have a wide chest, hips, and waist and often feel that your big shirts and pants lack length or room, then you may be the perfect candidate for big and tall clothing. Big and tall sizes go beyond XL and offer the extra length in the sleeves, rise, and pant lengths that you need to feel just right in both formal and casual situations. Pay careful attention to how your essentials like men's jeans fit and explore sizing adjustments until you find the big and tall size that meets your body’s measurements.

Whether you’re big, tall, or fall anywhere in between sizes, you can find the best fit by exploring different sizing brackets.


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