Creative ways to patch your jeans

Creative Ways to Patch Your Jeans

Finding a great pair of women’s jeans means two things: You’ll wear it a lot, and it will most likely develop holes and rips. In fact, it is the fate of any well-loved piece to undergo more stress each time it’s worn. While having holes in your jeans can certainly be a fashion statement on its own, there are instances in which you’d prefer to patch them. For example, many school dress codes prohibit holes in jeans, or it may be cold outside and you’d rather skip the bare skin until better weather. By patching your jeans, you can extend its life and give it a fashionable new look. Here are some creative ways to mend them and extend their life.

Holes in Your Jeans? Turn Them Into Fun Shapes!

When a hole develops, its shape hardly has any rhyme or reason. Whether it is a small snag or a large hole on the knee, you can try your hand at cutting a fun shape into your jeans before patching it up. First, cut the hole into a shape by using fabric scissors. This can be a heart, moon, rectangle, star, or any other shape you want. Then, turn the jeans inside out. Choose a patch of fabric that covers at least beyond an inch around the shape allowing plenty of overlap. Glue the patch right side down onto the edges of the hole. Use fabric glue for the best results, and wait for it to fully dry before you sew the patch. You can either hand sew to secure the patch or fire up the sewing machine.

Small Snags: Make Fashionable Stitches

If some holes or snags are small — and if they're located in areas that are difficult to patch like the rear pockets or waistline — try your hand at sewing. You can successfully close small holes before they get bigger using a few stitches to the affected area. Many DIY repairs involve loop stitches or cross-stitches, which each offer a unique look to the jeans. Other people have also found value in embroidering the areas around the stitches to add an aesthetic touch. This type of repair is especially effective on skinny jeans, which typically are made from thinner cotton with a spandex blend. The sturdy stitches reduce the chance of the hole expanding and fraying.

Don’t Have Time to Sew? Use Glue.

Many of us do not have a host of sewing equipment on hand, but you can still bring your jeans back to life. By using fabric glue, you can mend a lot of torn jeans in a short period of time. First, turn your jeans inside out. Put fabric glue around the edges of the hole to stop it from spreading. Then, cut a square patch that is large enough to cover the hole completely. Put fabric glue around the hole, then fit the patch over the glue and hold it down for a few seconds. Continue to hold it firmly and remove any visible glue that may spill out to the right side of the jeans. Let the glue dry overnight — with the jeans inside out — for the best results. In the morning, turn the jeans right side out, and you’ll be ready to wear your newly mended pants! This quick-fix technique works on a variety of pants like curvy fit jeans. Toddler and school-age kids also damage jeans frequently, which can necessitate a quick repair like this to keep them in a full wardrobe.

Sew an Embroidered Patch Over a Hole

Instead of placing a patch inside the hole of your jeans, you can also sew attractive embroidered patches over the holes. You can find these patches already made at your local craft store. Florals are a popular design for this type of patching. This can work on your straight leg jeans or any other type of pants that needs a slight touch up. If you have a knack for embroidery, you can also try your hand at making your own designs by following a pattern and using a thread in your color of choice.

When you have your patch, simply place it over the hole and pin it down to make sure the distribution is even so that the fabric doesn’t bubble and there are no gaps. For an extra safety measure, you can also put some fabric glue over the edges of the hole to stop it from fraying more. Because many embroidered patches are irregular in shape, it may be easier to hand sew them to the jeans than to try and use a sewing machine, which is better suited for covering a lot of ground in straight lines.

Repairing holes in your jeans is an excellent way to preserve your favorite bottoms and extend their life. Give your jeans a second chance by experimenting with some of these techniques today!


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