Cottagecore Prints that Look Great on Everyone

Cottagecore Prints That Look Great on Everyone

If you’ve heard the term Cottagecore before but wondered what it is, you’re not alone. Or maybe you are familiar with the new trend in the fashion world but need a little clarification about how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe. Nonetheless, we’ve done our research, and we’re in love with the Cottagecore trend (and we think it’s here to stay)!

Since one major element of Cottagecore clothing is the delicate details, we’ve put together a list of Cottagecore prints that look great on everyone. Let’s go over why Cottagecore is so popular and what types of prints you should consider when shopping for Cottagecore clothing.

First, What Is Cottagecore?

Let’s start with the word “core.” It’s basically used to refer to a specific type of genre. The opposite of Cottagecore, for example, would be hardcore. Cottagecore is a laid-back, more “unplugged” way of living that draws upon the countryside and old English gardens. It takes us to a place where laptops and smartphones don’t exist and where we can become one with nature. Cottagecore basically romanticizes the rural lifestyle, honoring a simpler way of life—whether that means gardening, reading a book on the porch with a throw blanket wrapped around you, or simply shunning stress-inducing activities (even if just for a few hours).

Why Is Cottagecore So Popular in 2021?

Whether by choice or not, people found themselves embracing the stay-at-home lifestyle in 2020. They started making sourdough, planting gardens, knitting, and basically getting back to basics. Cottagecore celebrates that way of thinking, honoring the fact that it’s OK and even healthy to slow down and appreciate the little things now and then.

Flowers Are Essential

As for prints, flowers are definitely essential to the Cottagecore way of dressing. From elegant roses to simple daisies, flowers have a way of bringing people back to basics, whisking them away to a prettier, simpler place. Flower prints don’t have to be big either. In fact, lots of Cottagecore attire calls upon tiny little prints of flowers to make a subtle but classy impression. For example, summer dresses for women with tiny roses or yellow wildflowers are definitely Cottagecore. As for colors, whites and pastels are most popular among floral prints. If it’s too bright or artificial-looking and not likely to be found in nature, it’s probably not considered Cottagecore.

The Birds and the Bees

It shouldn’t be a surprise that creatures big and small should find themselves on Cottagecore attire. No, we’re not talking about lions, tigers, and bears, however. Instead, think of the type of creatures you’d find in your garden. Bumblebees, rabbits, birds, and butterflies all have a place in the Cottagecore lifestyle, and they look great on printed clothing. Even wearing a simple women’s T-shirt with little bees printed or embroidered onto it can be a fun way to celebrate the Cottagecore lifestyle, especially during summertime.

Plaid and Gingham Prints Are Classic and Timeless

No Cottagecore wardrobe is complete without something that’s either plaid or gingham. But what’s the difference? Honestly, it depends on who you ask. Plaid typically includes both horizontal and vertical lines of varying thickness and colors. What you envision when you think of flannel shirts is most likely plaid. In contrast, gingham tends to be more orderly, with only two colors: one of which is white. Nonetheless, both look great on long skirts paired with a white billowy blouse in the Cottagecore world.

Embroidered Patterns Are Delicate and Elegant

Sometimes, Cottagecore prints are more impactful when they don’t take over the entire piece of clothing. Adding a few embroidered flowers or a few long stripes of embroidery to the top or bottom of a piece of clothing can add a special touch. Envision a yellow or white women’s cardigan sweater with a handful of flowers embroidered down the neckline. Or think of an ankle-length skirt with a patterned piece of fabric sewn into the hem.

Elegant Lace

There’s nothing more Victorian and elegant than lace. Adding lace details to any outfit definitely calls upon the Cottagecore aesthetic. For example, a long dress where only the sleeves are made of lace can look amazingly elegant yet simple. Also, sometimes the combination of lace and something opposite like women’s jeans or even leather can look great. It’s perfectly fine to wear only one Cottagecore item instead of an entire dress or outfit. After all, we can’t always find one piece of clothing to accommodate wherever our fashion sense takes us from one day to the next.

No matter what type of print you choose, dressing in Cottagecore clothing can be a great way to remind yourself to slow down a bit and appreciate the simpler things in life.


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