Summer Camp Clothing Every Kid Needs

Summer Camp Clothing Every Kid Needs

Summer camp is a fun and exciting time for kids, and parents can make sure their kids are ready to go for a great experience by having the right clothing items available. Durable basics and active summer camp clothes will help kids of all ages have an incredible time at camp!

Consider the Camp Location, Weather, and Planned Activities

Before you embark on the fun of helping your child get the items they need for his or her summer camp experience, it’s a good idea to account for the specific camp location, weather patterns, and planned activities. Along with great basic clothing items, your child may need specialty apparel. If your child will be attending a music camp, for example, he or she may need a dressy outfit or two for recitals. If your darling daredevil will be attending an extreme sports camp, great athletic shoes and athletic performance clothing may be required. Check the recommendations with the camp paperwork to help guide your packing decisions, and get in touch with the designated contact person with any questions for peace of mind when helping your child pack.

Comfortable, Durable, and Stylish Everyday Basics

If there aren’t specific requirements for camp clothing, well-made staples will often be the best choice. You’ll want to opt for clothing made from quality fabrics that fit your child well. Clothing should be durable but also have comfortable, non-restrictive fabrics that let kids move with ease.

List of Camp Clothing Essentials

Consider the following options when it comes to basics to pack for camp outfits

Activewear and Swimwear

Along with the above basics, your child will also likely need an assortment of swimwear and activewear. From indoor pools to natural lakes, a great kids swimsuit, cover-up, and girls rash guard can help kids feel comfortable and confident in the water. Packing a personal swim or beach towel can also be a good idea. Good activewear items should be moisture-wicking and lightweight but still durable enough to see kids through sports, outdoor activities, and physical games or contests. Consider having your child pack:

Other Camp Clothing Basics

There are also a few other items that will be essential to pack for camp. These include:

  • Socks
  • Underwear/sports bras
  • Undershirts or camisoles
  • Appropriate footwear (athletic shoes, hiking boots, etc. as needed for the type of camp)
  • Kids' rain jacket
  • Pajamas
  • Sun hat, baseball cap, and/or visor
  • Light backpack or sling bag

Don’t Forget the Accessories and Extras

For a great camp experience, kids will also need to have important accessories and personal items. These may include things like hair bands or kids’ headbands, reusable water bottles, flip-flops to wear for leisure time or in showers, and more. Parents should check in advance if the camp will have a theme day or days, so they can help children pack appropriate apparel for those days, too.

Be Prepared for the Fun of Camp

Packing the right clothing items kids need for camp will ensure they have an incredible experience at camp. Whether it’s the first time a child has been to an overnight camp, or your son or daughter is a seasoned camper, having fundamental apparel options will keep them confident and comfortable during their camp days.


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