Kids' Rash Guards

Rash Guards for Kids

Rash Guards for Kids

Kids’ Rash Guards

The kids will be ready for whatever fun in the sun you have planned this spring and summer in our kids’ rash guards. Whether you’re planning a relaxing poolside vacation or kayaking down a river, you’ll want a rash guard that provides the ultimate protection. Your little one will have an extra layer of protection and coverage against the sun’s rays. They’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors for even longer.

Get swimwear for the whole family with our family swimwear collection. Protect your skin with any of our rash guards for adults, too. Our swim shirts for kids offer more than just protection from the sun. They can also protect themselves against unwanted surprises. If they’re swimming in the ocean and all of a sudden they encounter a jellyfish, they’ll be protected on their torso in the event they get stung by the jellyfish’s stinging tentacles.

Browse our special selection of kids’ swim shirts. They pair well with any of our water shoes for activities like snorkeling and swimming. Keep it casual with sneakers or sandals when they’re not in the water. These swim shirts are meant to protect kids from the elements. Rocks. Coral. Little scaly fish. They’ll be covered and stylish all at the same time.

Rash Guards for Kids

There are plenty of ways to style our rash guards for kids. Even when it’s sunny and warm outside, the water can be uncomfortable and chilly at times. A rash guard swim shirt can help keep your little one warm in cold water in both the ocean and pool. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this fabric as an effective UV protectant for covered areas.

Don’t forget to bring the canvas totes & beach bags for all of your beach-day goodies, including cover-ups and beach towels, and especially sunblock! Rash guards for kids are the perfect addition to a beach day since they help with keeping those UV rays off your little one’s skin. Don’t forget to have them reapply the sunblock, though!

Any of our rash guards for kids go well with our selection of kids’ swimsuits. The swim shirt will protect your child’s torso, armpits, and neck from getting chafed. Bonus points: Many of our kids’ rash guards come with the UPF 50 sun protection they need when they’re outside all day.