10 Classic Clothing Items That Are Timeless

10 Classic Clothing Items That Are Timeless

Some classic clothing items are so timeless that you can truly depend on them. While high fashion and trends go in and out of style, some classic pieces are just here forever. A woman’s wardrobe is never really complete until it has at least some of these classic clothing items. Not only are they forever stylish, but they are also easy to put on without much effort, and you know you’ll look good. Also, when you invest in high-quality, timeless pieces, you won’t have to worry about needing to donate them a year later because they’re not cool anymore. Here are our top picks for those forever pieces that you just might not realize you’re missing in your life.

Little Black Dress

The holy grail of all classic timeless clothing items is most certainly the little black dress, or LBD. A black dress is a fashion statement that always looks good and never goes out of style. Even if “little” isn’t your style, at least opt for a simple and well-cut classic black dress that is versatile enough to wear for most occasions. Choose a hemline that’s anywhere from midi to mini for the perfect black dress that will easily take you from daytime to date night.


Jeans are a forever wardrobe staple. While certain styles, such as distressed or skinny jeans, may pass in and out of fashion, a stellar pair of women’s jeans is classic and timeless. While jean trends can be fun to explore and style, be sure your closet has a few good pairs of classic jeans. Choose classic washes such as dark blue and cuts such a standard boot cut to be sure that your jeans will remain in style forever and a go-to essential for your wardrobe.

Cashmere Sweater

You'll always need sweaters, and every fashion season comes with its own take on sweater trends and exciting new styles. Keeping a few classic women’s cashmere sweaters in your closet will give you the ultimate timeless look. Cashmere is such a luxurious fabric, making a sweater knitted from this material a classic clothing item that everyone woman should own.

Basic Cardigan

A basic cardigan sweater will never get old because of how versatile and practical it is. Cold at the office? Anticipating A/C at your cocktail party? Lazy day on the couch just watching TV? The answer is your basic cardigan sweater. Choose a basic cut and solid neutral color, such as black, to be sure your cardigan will be appropriate for almost any occasion and for years to come.

White Dress Shirt

The white dress shirt has, in one shape or another, been in style for centuries. If there’s one timeless and tireless closet piece you can rely on forever, it’s going to be your classic white button-up dress shirt. These shirts are the perfect “when in doubt” clothing item—if you don’t know what to wear, put one on, and you’ll always look perfectly good and stylish. Worn to the office, over a silk midi skirt out to dinner, or tied up for that cool boho-chic look, a women’s dress shirt is as dependable, practical, versatile, and timeless as it gets.

Black Blazer

Another timeless favorite that seems to defy the passage of time and styles is the black blazer. Like the dress shirt, this classic piece has been around for centuries in one shape or another. This is probably because it is practical and always offers effortless sophistication and style. Wear with jeans, over a dress, or with just about anything else to look effortlessly chic. It’s worth investing the extra money for a well-made, high-quality blazer that will last you for years.

Wool Coat

Sometimes it's difficult to feel fashionable in your winter outwear. But the solution is always the wool coat. For centuries, the wool coat has been a staple for its practicality and good looks. Wear with just about anything for effortless sophistication and a timeless look. Like a blazer, it is worth investing in a good wool coat because this baby will never go out of style, and chances are you will be happy wearing the same well-made one for the rest of your life.

Plain T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a simple T-shirt? A classic cotton women’s T-shirt is effortless and easy to style. Every woman should include a healthy selection of classic-cut and beautifully hued T-shirts in their wardrobe basics. Easy to wear underneath layers or to style all on its own, a good T-shirt is a timeless staple.

Printed Summer Dress

While this is admittedly debatable, we believe that a printed summer dress is a timeless addition to any woman’s closet. While different kinds of prints may pass in and out of fashion, a good summer dress will always look classic. Choose a flattering cut, such as a waist-cinching midi-length cotton dress, and a neutral print, such as floral, for the perfect printed summer dress that you can wear for decades.


A woman’s best friend is undoubtedly her arsenal of leggings. And while leggings haven’t been around for as long as the dress shirt, we can assure you that their versatility and comfort are going to keep them around forever. Keep a few good pairs of black leggings in your closet for some easy go-to items that can effortlessly be dressed up or down. While prints and fun colors may come in and out of fashion, the classic black legging is a perennial staple to any woman’s closet.

Keep a few of these classic, timeless clothing items in your closet, and you won’t have to ever worry about keeping up with fashion trends.


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