Can You Wear Chambray with Jeans?

Can You Wear Chambray with Jeans?

We’ll jump right into the nitty-gritty of it all in a minute, but the short answer is yes. Yes, you absolutely can wear chambray with jeans. The real question people are probably asking is, “how does one correctly wear chambray with jeans in a trendy, fashionable way?” And that’s what we are about to get into. In this post, we will take a look at how you can style chambray with jeans (and other materials) to create remarkably chic, flattering outfits.

Chambray on Denim

Chambray is a much lighter material than its counterpart, denim. This means chambray is a fabulous material for a shirt because it’s generally much more flexible and comfortable. But, of course, nothing beats the classic Canadian tuxedo look, especially on a late summer day or during the fall. Simply match a button-up, light-wash chambray shirt with your favorite pair of women’s jeans. For footwear, go for a pair of brown leather ankle boots in the fall or strappy sandals in the spring or summer. A monochromatic, slightly textured outfit like this can be worn all on its own or with accessories. Accent the look with a cute hat, a pair of stunner shades, or a chic, colorful purse to add dimension.

Chambray Shirt and White Jeans

This is such an iconic duo. It’s timeless, it’s supremely flattering, and it’s both casual yet stylish. It takes minimal effort to put together this chic look. Just pair a long-sleeved chambray button-up with a pair of white skinny jeans or white capri pants. Of course, no rule says you can’t wear this white pants outfit in the fall, but there’s something particularly eye-catching about it in the summer season. Finish the look with wedge heel sandals or slip-on loafers and a brown leather crossbody purse.

Chambray and Leggings

Chambray looks quite flattering when paired with denim jeans. But that’s not the only material that chambray can work with. If you want to look presentable, but feel cozy and comfortable at the same time, wear chambray with leggings, jeggings, or even something a little more unique, like corduroy leggings. There is a lot of versatility with this look. You could simply button up a long-sleeved chambray shirt and match it with black leggings. Or, you could wear the chambray shirt unbuttoned, layered over a graphic tee, and finished off with leggings. Another way to wear the chambray shirt is to wrap it around your waist; it’s just another way to add more dimension to your outfit.

Chambray Tee With Colored Pants

Many people automatically think of a long-sleeved, button-up shirt when they hear the word “chambray.” But chambray comes in plenty of other cuts and styles, most notably a chambray T-shirt or blouse. This looks especially flattering when paired with colored pants, like army green or navy blue. The color of the pants and the short sleeves of the chambray shirt make this outfit ideal for spring or summer. And like any other outfit that incorporates chambray and jeans, you can accessorize in a myriad of ways. Have some fun with the footwear and opt for something like leopard print loafers or soft pink sneakers. Other accessory ideas include a flashy belt, bracelets or a wristwatch, or a headscarf.

Open Chambray Shirt Over a Dress

Sure, most people will think to pair a chambray shirt with blue jeans and don’t get us wrong, that’s a killer look that will never fail. But if you are a big fan of chambray and want to explore other ways to incorporate it into outfits, try pairing an open chambray shirt with a cute, colorful sundress. It’s a chic look that will add dimension and unique characteristics to your outfit and serve a functional purpose and keep you warm when you need a lightweight layer.

An Open Chambray Shirt Layered With Another Shirt

Just because your chambray shirt might be buttoned up doesn’t mean you have to button it up. The button-up feature makes a chambray shirt fabulous for layering. Not only is layering a practical benefit, but it can also add dimension to your outfit. For example, a white tee paired with white jeans and layered with an open chambray shirt looks particularly chic. It gives off an effortlessly cool vibe and shows that you can make yourself look put together and fashionable without fussing over it too much. It’s a very relaxed look that can work on its own or with accessories and fun footwear.

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