Wearing Black to Weddings

Can You Wear Black to a Summer Wedding?

Summer is right around the corner and so is wedding season. Whether your schedule is filled with weddings every other weekend or you're getting ready for one large event, you want to find clothes that make you look and feel your best for a summer party so that you can focus on having fun with your loved ones.

Black Clothing is the Key to Effortless Chic

Whether you often gravitate toward black clothing or you're trying out this chic shade for the first time, you can't deny that black lends an air of sophistication to any outfit. But many wonder, can you wear black to a summer wedding? Is a black dress appropriate for a summer wedding? Our resounding answer is yes! When you style black right, you certainly can!

A black dress or skirt is effortlessly elegant. It also gives you the freedom to play with your makeup and your accessories so that you can play up your sense of style while making sure you look put together and modern. With many occasion-ready dresses made in this hue, you won't have any reason to hide it in the back of your closet when the weather heats up.

Let your Accessories Get You in the Summer Spirit

One of the largest advantages of wearing black is that it's easy to accessorize. This versatility also is key to the color's appropriateness for summer. You don't need to associate black clothes with drab, cold looks. The right accessories make your favorite black dresses, dress pants, or skirts ready for anything this summer, from a garden wedding to a black-tie affair.

Your makeup is one way to accent the look. A smoky eye works when you want to go a little sultry, while brightly colored lipstick lends a fun and carefree air to your ensemble. Turn your attention to your shoes, your jewelry, and more. With a black basis to your outfit, the possibilities are endless.

Bring Color to Your Outfit with Your Shoes

Transform a black dress into the perfect look for a summer wedding by uniting it with a great pair of shoes. Metallic sandals are one way to go. The sophisticated shine goes right with bright sunlight and gets you ready to hit the dance floor. Think flat, strappy designs for a bohemian wedding on the beach or gold or silver heels for an indoor fete.

If you want to bring some color to your look, heels in a bright shade are also ideal. Complement an all-black look with a pop of hot pink or bright red. The fun color makes any outfit ready for summertime fun.

Have Fun with Jewelry

Your jewelry is another place to make a black outfit fit in with the season. Like your shoes, your jewelry is a place to get colorful. Put on a statement necklace made with gorgeous, colorful stones or gems. Your black fabric serves as a great backdrop for a statement-making piece.

Likewise, you can have fun with your earrings if you're wearing all black. Go for big, dangling earrings in a summer-ready hue. Looking for something more subtle? Accent your outfit with chic studs or an elegant bracelet that adds a pop of color without pulling attention away from your dress.

Get Colorful with a Jacket or Shawl

If the weather is incredibly hot and sticky, you can count on powerful air conditioning if the wedding you're headed to is indoors. If you're going to an outdoor wedding, you never know when a cool evening breeze is going to kick up. Let your accessories do double duty by preparing for colder temperatures while readying black for the summer.

A jacket or blazer in a floral pattern or bright color instantly makes a black outfit summery. A fun shawl does the same. If you still want to brighten your look, turn your attention to your bag. Coordinate with your jacket or shawl for a look that is equal parts put together and practical.

Focus on Fabrics

Once you have a game plan with your accessories, you can turn your attention to finding an attractive black outfit for your next summer wedding. Along with finding a flattering cut that makes you feel confident, focusing on fabric can make a difference. After all, what good is a great look if you're too busy feeling hot and stifled to enjoy it?

Choose a light fabric such as cotton or linen for a summer party. Flowing fabrics will feel much more comfortable than something that clings in this weather. The key is going with something that makes you feel good. Clothes you love that give you confidence to have fun are the best accessory for the summer.

With the right pairings, black can be a summertime staple. Have fun mixing and matching with shoes, jewelry, and more to create a summer wedding look that's truly you.


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