Women's Sundresses

Sleeveless Summer Dresses, Sleeveless Long Dress

Sleeveless Summer Dresses, Sleeveless Long Dress

When the weather heats up, nothing feels so cool and breezy as wearing a sleeveless dress. The assortment of women's sleeveless dresses from Lands' End are so beautiful and feminine that you'll want to have several of them. We have lots of sizes, styles, and designs of sleeveless casual dresses for women, so you can wear a different one every day of the week.

Date night on a balmy summer evening is the ideal time to wear a red sleeveless dress. Wear a pair of shimmering heels, a cashmere cardigan sweater, and a fashion scarf around your neck for a dazzling look. If you're attending a backyard garden party on a warm afternoon, a blue sleeveless dress or a green sleeveless dress will look festive for the occasion. Wear pastel-colored flats to complete your colorful look.

A tropical cruise is a wonderful time to wear a sleeveless floral dress or a cute sleeveless dress. You can wear the dresses while souvenir shopping at the port-of-call, and then later while dancing under the stars. Pack a light women's sweater to keep your shoulders warm when the evening breeze picks up. When you work in an office and the temperature heats up, a sleeveless work dress, a modest sleeveless dress, or a sleeveless long dress is appropriate if the dress code allows sleeveless attire. Make the outfit professional wearing a lightweight blazer over the dress.

Shop Lands' End today to find the perfect sleeveless summer dress and sleeveless cotton dress. You'll be delighted by the styles we have, the fabrics we use, and how pretty you'll look wearing any of our sleeveless dresses. Feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call with any questions you have about our dresses and shipping options. If the dress is a present, we can gift box it for you! We look forward to speaking with you soon.