Can a Sweater Dress Be Business Casual?

Can a Sweater Dress be Business Casual?

If you’ve recently started a new job with a business casual dress code, your office has just decided to go business casual, or you’re starting a hybrid schedule and want a flexible wardrobe that works for various work settings, you’ve likely poked around the internet looking for a definition of “business casual.”

If you have, you’ve probably noticed there’s no single definition available. That’s because the ratio of business to casual will often depend on your industry, role, and the overall culture of your workplace.

Staple Pieces for Any Business Casual Office

The good news is that certain pieces work perfectly for varying degrees of the business casual spectrum, like modest dresses. Almost all modest dresses will work for your workplace since they tend to be knee-length (ideal for most business casual outfits!) and offer polished styles that you can easily dress up a bit more with a blazer or keep a bit more relaxed with the rights shoes and accessories.

And when it comes to modest dress styles that are ideal for the office or work-from-home life, sweater dresses are ideal. Read on to learn why we love rocking sweater dresses as a part of a business casual wardrobe and for some tips on how best to style them.

Professional Sweater Dresses

As mentioned above, sweater dresses can be the perfect solution for your business casual workplace needs. Sweater dresses tend to provide the comfort of your dreamiest, coziest women's sweater all while providing a professional look. And if you sit in an office all day, you know the importance of rocking looks that are both stylish and guaranteed to keep you comfortable since nothing is more distracting than uncomfy clothes while you try to crush the tasks on your agenda.

Sweater dresses are also great for hybrid work settings since they’re oh-so-easy to style for the office or throw on for a WFH day involving lots of video meetings. This style of dress is super versatile as well, meaning you can add the necessary touches if your office leans more toward the business side of business casual. For example, if you have an important in-person meeting, add a blazer, a subtle necklace, and complete the outfit with mules, slingbacks, or heels plus some simple black tights.

You can also keep your sweater dress more casual yet still office-friendly by accessorizing with booties, loafers, or even the right sneakers if this fits your office’s vibe. Feel free to also add a scarf with any sweater dress, especially if your office tends to blast that arctic AC year-round.

Which Style of Sweater Dress is Best?

We love sweater dresses because they’re universally flattering, polished-looking, and as comfy and easy as your go-to lazy Sunday women's loungewear (/shop/womens-loungewear/S-y5c-yb1-xec). That said, there are certain things you should look for in a sweater dress before wearing it to work.

A business casual sweater dress should be right above the knee or knee length and feature a modest yet flattering neckline, like a crewneck or a cowl neck. Opt for neutral, professional shades like cream, navy, or black, or go with a pattern or texture that’s subtle and office-appropriate. Add accessories that align with your personal style and your office’s approved attire, like tights, a belt, an infinity scarf, a blazer if needed, or even a women's cardigan layer for chillier days (it doesn’t get more “sweater weather” than that!). And if you rock a crewneck sweater dress that’s a bit more flowy fit-wise, try layering it over a fitted women's oxford shirt for a look that’s dynamic, stylish, and client meeting ready.

The key to wearing a sweater dress for work is to keep it tasteful and professional while enjoying the comfort benefits this cozy style of dress can provide.

Are Sweater Dresses Right for Everyone?

The short answer to this question is a resounding YES. That’s another thing we absolutely love about this dress style. In addition to being as comfortable as they are polished (it might be magic, actually!), sweater dresses also look amazing on all body types. Depending on what you’re most comfortable with, you can choose a sleeve length and fit that you like best, just keeping in mind that quarter-length sleeves or long sleeves tend to be best for most office settings.

So, there you have it! To answer the initial question we posed in this blog, sweater dresses can be business casual and might just become your new go-to workplace staple. With the right accessories, you can make one of these dresses work for any office.


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