The Best Yoga Pants for a Summer Walk

The Best Yoga Pants for a Summer Walk

In the summer, we get to toss off the heavy layers and pack lighter for every outing. Outfits become simpler as we set aside layering for a season. Since it’s easy to break a sweat when it’s hot outside, you also want to make sure that your clothing is as comfortable as possible. Women’s yoga pants can easily become part of your summer outfit repertoire for all your casual outfits. Not only are these pants stretchy and comfortable, but they're also easy to match with a variety of favorite summer tops like tank tops, camisoles, and tunics.

When you need to be active, yoga pants offer the coverage, comfort, and mobility you need all day long. What types of yoga pants are the best for going on a summer walk? Here are some of our top picks when we need to use yoga pants as women’s activewear.

Yoga Pants for Total Comfort

Activities that involve movement require comfortable clothing. When you double that with hot weather, you really need something cozy. This calls for stretchy active tops and bottoms that are made to handle sweat and stay in place when you move around. Thankfully, the perfect pair of pants for a summer walk isn’t hard to find! Yoga pants are designed for both exercise and leisure, so you can count on them to keep you cool on a summer walk even when they offer full leg coverage. Designed with a looser fit compared to leggings, your legs can breathe a little more, especially when you get cropped or flare leg cuts. Which ones are the best for keeping cool and looking stylish?

Capri Yoga Pants for Ventilation

If you get hot easily, taking a few inches off the hem can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel outside. Capri yoga pants fall below the knee but above the ankle, allowing your legs to breathe. You’ll be surprised at how much this shorter length takes the edge off the heat. Capri yoga pants are best matched with sandals, flip flops, and sneakers since their shorter hem gives them a casual mood. This makes them excellent activewear bottoms for walks when the weather is warm. To make your daily outfits more interesting and fun, collect a blend of solid colors and patterned Capri yoga pants.

High-Waisted Yoga Pants for a Flattering Figure

Let’s be honest, when we wear yoga pants, we don’t want to just feel comfortable, but we want to feel cute in our skin. That’s why the universally flattering high-waisted yoga pants style will always be one of our top picks. Rising up to the natural waist, everyone can admire themselves with this figure-hugging piece that makes your waist look snatched and your legs longer. It’s curve-enhancing to ruler-shaped women and enhances the curves of all other body shapes. If you have a pear-shaped body, dark, high-waisted yoga pants do a great job at making your hips more even with the upper half of your body. It’s basically a win-win no matter your shape or size, so don’t second-guess this choice.

High-waisted yoga pants match well with everything from women’s t-shirts to crop tops. If you like to go for walks in a sports bra to stay cool, the smoothing effect of these yoga pants will make your waist look great. Whether you’re a size XS petite woman or plus-sized, everyone can get on board this trend and look their best. For some inspo, check out your favorite fitness influencers to see how they wear their high-waisted active pants. You’ll see how both solid colors and mix-and-match sets look so cute on many types of figures.

Yoga Pants for Extra Coverage

Even when the weather is hot, it’s not always the best idea to keep your legs exposed. When you want to give yourself extra protection against bug bites or the sun, having extra coverage on your legs is a great idea all year. Activewear like plus-size yoga pants also gives you some kind of barrier against minor nuisances like thorns or scuffs that can happen when you’re outdoors.

Covering some or all of your legs on a walk also protects people with grass allergies, so that if you need to take a break, you don’t have to worry about your legs coming into contact with any irritating foliage. If you’re going on a hike in the wild, leg coverings also give you some initial protection from poison oak or sumac. So, whether you wear yoga pants for style or practical reasons, it’s a wonderful resource to have when you need to explore the outdoors comfortably.

When you need to go for a walk or enjoy the outdoors in the summer, yoga pants are a wonderful bottom to wear. They're both stylish, flattering, and protective, giving women of all sizes the confidence to explore the world and enjoy the season.


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