Top 5 Jeans to Style for the Workplace

Top 5 Jeans to Style for the Workplace

Who says you can’t wear women's jeans to work? High-fashion denim brings sophisticated looks to the workplace. Long gone are the days when jeans signified a casual environment. Today’s office-style jeans are professional and comfortable so you can focus on nailing that big project — in style, of course!

1. Styling Skinny Jeans for Work

Skinny jeans are an excellent fashion choice for the office. Go for darker hues such as navy blues or even black for a high-end look that means business. You can wear heels or flats to create a look that’s well-suited for the office environment. Choose a coordinating blouse for added sophistication.

For those who want comfort and style, select a pair of jeggings for your business wardrobe. Just be sure to wear long blouses for plenty of coverage. A cardigan sweater also keeps a sophisticated feel. Both jeggings and skinny jeans look wonderful with ankle boots.. The aim of this fashion-forward denim get-up is to match jeans with business attire to keep the look professional. Just don’t go for ripped or stained styles.

2. Staying Tough and Durable

Perhaps you don’t work in a traditional office setting, but you’re outside or in the field all day. You’ll want extra-heavy-duty jeans that can stand up to daily wear and tear in your workplace. Opt for jeans with deep pockets to provide ample room for quick storage. If you work in an office where you spend time in the field, store your favorite pair of durable jeans in your car for easy access.

Remember, just because you do some heavy lifting with your work doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. There are plenty of durable jeans with hot styles to match. Find the jeans that best suit your body type. For shorter folks, go for a high waist to give the illusion of longer legs. Curvier women want to accentuate their hips and waist to show off that hourglass shape. Athletic women can get away with a standard boot cut. Mid-rise works best to keep you covered when you need to bend down. Don’t shy away from a relaxed fit either. The more relaxed the fit, the easier it is to bend and move. This will also help you layer on some long underwear if you need extra warmth on cold weather days.

3. Show Your Truly Professional Colors with Jeans

In today’s wonderful world of denim, jeans can be any color and make for excellent workwear attire. Women’s black jeans make great workplace wear. Black is traditionally a color of business casual, appearing more like a suit than denim. Black jeans not only go with a variety of workplace-appropriate attire but can also be worn without making you look like you’re sporting denim. This is a great way to dress up denim in a fancier business environment.

Other jeans colors create unique palettes for mixing and matching cute patterned blouses. Patterned pants provide a focal point and are best styled with subdued tops to avoid clashing.

4. High-Rise for High-Function

High-rise jeans are perfect for that big important meeting. Since they are worn at the waist, they make you look and feel taller, giving you that added boost of confidence for your strategic presentation. Don’t shy away from styled denim that accentuates your best assets. Keep your top and footwear sophisticated to maintain your workplace-friendly look. Just like a well-tailored suit, the right pair of jeans can make a big impression.

5. Flared and Fabulous

Flowy, flared jeans are all the rage right now. For those who work in a creative industry, flared jeans with a funky patterned top make a big statement. Go for jeans that also feature a high waist so you can appear as if you’re floating through your day. Be sure to wear a tighter blouse on top to balance the denim on the bottom. Tuck in your shirt to elongate the legs and present a high-powered, artistic look. Big, chunky boots and fun accessories round out this creative persona. As a great option for designers, this whimsical yet styled approach to business clothing will keep those creative juices flowing.

Styling jeans for work isn’t rocket science. In fact, with so many sophisticated styles and trends, there are plenty of ways to wear denim in the workplace. Look for styles that match your personal tastes and your professional industry for fashion-forward looks that last from 9 to 5 and beyond.


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