Best Ways to Style Your Puffer Jacket

Best Ways to Style Your Puffer Jacket

Warm, comfortable, and stylish, puffer jackets are a mainstay for all ages and style preferences, making them some of the warmest winter coats for anyone. These versatile jackets have a casual vibe that works beautifully with many items in your wardrobe, and you can also up the style ante with key accessories that give you an incredible look.

Puffer Jackets and Denim

Because they are more on the casual side (compared to say a peacoat, streamlined wool jacket, or trench coat) puffers are the perfect partner to wear with denim jeans of all styles. Whether it’s a classic medium-wash boot-cut or straight-leg style, a dark wash with a little bling, or a sleek pair of skinny jeans, your new puffer jacket will work well with your favorite pairs of denim pants. They will also look great over denim skirts worn with leggings underneath, or left unzipped over a lightweight denim jacket or winter vest.

Pair Puffers With Leggings and Jeggings

Another great pairing is puffer jackets worn with leggings or jeggings. These comfortable, stylish pieces are perfect for everyday wear, and they also create a nice sense of balance. Because puffers have a little bit more bulk, they work well for pairing with more streamlined bottoms like leggings and jeggings. This creates a nice balanced look that retains the comfort you crave and has a stylish appeal. Footwear options can range from lined sheepskin boots to tall boots to athletic shoes.

Joggers, Fleece, or Yoga Pants With Puffer Coats

Whether you’re headed out to catch a game, stop at a casual restaurant, go hiking, or stop for your regular yoga or spin class, a puffer coat looks great worn with casual pants like joggers or yoga pants of all colors and styles. Fleece and classic sweat pants are more casual but work fine with puffers, especially if hitting the trails or taking on outdoor cool-weather adventures. Put on a puffer with a pair of coordinating or complementary snow pants when it’s time to hit the slopes or go sledding, too.

Puffers With Dress Casual Pants

If you work in an environment that favors business casual wear, a puffer coat can also be appropriate to wear to work with twill, wool, or other dress-casual pants. Muted colors and jewel tones work well when you want a more subdued style, while more bold and colorful looks are perfect for casual wear.

Look Stylish With Layers

Puffers are typically light yet warm, so they look great when layered with other fall and winter pieces. Consider sporting your favorite puffer jacket with turtlenecks, hoodies, fleece jackets, flannel shirts, and women’s sweaters for cozy winter styles.

Shop for Puffers That Work With Your Skin Tone

Another way to make sure your new puffer has the most flattering look is to make sure that you choose a color that works well with your skin tone. If you have warm undertones, earth-tone colors, neutrals, and warm shades like yellows, oranges, reds, and tans will look fabulous. If you have more of a cool skin tone, shades like blues, purples, cool greens, grays, cool neutrals like white or silver will set off your coloring beautifully.

Find Cuts That Fit Perfectly

Your puffer coat will also look it’s stylish best when you find a flattering cut and design that works with your body type. Some prefer a looser, more boxy fit, while others prefer a more tailored and streamlined look. Consider your sense of style and what makes you feel confident in selecting the overall puffer jacket design that’s best for you.

Pair Puffers With the Perfect Accessories

Finally, you can style your packable down jacket right when you look for well-made, attractive cold weather accessories to wear with it. Scarves, hats, earmuffs and ear warmers, headbands, gloves or mittens, and more can all add to the stylish winter look you’re going for. You can wear fun, funky patterns and bold colors for casual days, and pair your puffer with simple, more streamlined styles to wear to work or when you want a more reserved, pared-down look. Several winter accessories look great with puffers, from woven knitted scarves to sleek wool caps. Since puffers are very versatile, a favorite beanie will look right at home just as easily as a pair of leather driving gloves when it comes time to accessorize.

Get Creative With Color Options

If you’re wondering what colors to choose when it comes to accessorizing your coat, your options are broad. Neutral coat colors can work well with any color of accessories and vice versa. Look for shades opposite your coat’s color on the color wheel, or accessories in a lighter or darker shade than your jacket for a coordinated style.

Be Stylish and Warm This Winter

There’s no doubt that puffer jackets are here to stay. With their comfortable, lightweight design, versatile style, and wide range of colors and cuts, there’s something for everyone in the family. Have fun styling your puffer for your personal style sensibilities to look fabulous all winter long!


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