Best Ways to Layer Shirts Under Cardigans

Best Ways to Layer Shirts Under Cardigans

There’s nothing more beautiful and versatile than the right cardigan. The variety is endless, and they are great for layering over all kinds of shirts. Let’s explore some of these options.

Cardigan With a Tank Top

Layering a cardigan over a women’s tank top is one of the easiest options and can go from super casual to office appropriate depending on exactly how you style your outfit. A classic white, gray, or black tank top is a great choice. Which one you choose will depend on your preference and the look that you want to project. White is always a good choice, but gray can add a little personality to your ensemble, while black can look more formal and has just a bit more of an edge for the evening. If the rest of your outfit is made of neutral colors, you can also try a bright tank like fuchsia, red, or violet.

Keep both the occasion and the temperature in mind if you choose a tank. If you get too warm, you will want to be able to remove your cardigan or at least push up the sleeves. This may not be appropriate in an office setting if your tank top has spaghetti straps or simply shows too much shoulder. A small pendant that hits a couple of inches above the neckline of your tank top can make a nice finishing touch to your outfit.

Cardigan With a T-shirt

For the ultimate in comfort, throw a cardigan over one of your favorite solid-colored women’s t-shirts. This will instantly dress up a t-shirt and jeans or women’s yoga pants. The right cardigan can take you from looking like you just threw on a couple of garments to looking polished and ready for a day or evening out.

The reverse is also true: If you are dressed up for a professional occasion and want to dress down after work, simply remove your cardigan. You can go from polished and professional to hip and casual this way. The right pair of flats can work with both outfits, but to look even more easygoing, change into a pair of sneakers that will keep you looking on-trend and feeling comfortable.

Classic White Blouse

Is there anything more classic than a women’s white blouse with a cardigan? You can go for a full preppy look by wearing the blouse, so the bottom shows underneath the cardigan and folding the cuffs of the blouse up over the bottom of the sleeves of the cardigan. This is one of the most versatile looks you can wear, and it works well if you prefer a capsule wardrobe. The white blouse will bring more light toward your face while working with a cardigan in either a neutral or fun color.

Silk Shell

This option is just as easy as throwing a cardigan over a tank top, but it will take you almost anywhere from a business meeting to a night out on the town. A white or ivory silk shell is best for daywear and will work with almost every other garment in your wardrobe. A black or red silk shell can be a statement piece for the evening, especially if you add some sparkle with your favorite neutral-colored jewelry. For a bit more drama, choose a long cardigan over slim black pants.

Make sure to care for your silk correctly. As a rule, silk should be hand washed in cold water and line dried; a cool iron will remove any wrinkles. Check the care instructions carefully for all your cardigans as well. There are many fiber choices available in cardigans, and they each have their own rules for staying beautiful.

Cashmere Cardigan Options

Don’t forget about cashmere! You can layer a cashmere cardigan with any of the above options. The gorgeous look and feel of this fabric will instantly amp up your outfit. Try a cashmere cardigan over a white tank top with jeans to create a chic casual look. A cashmere cardigan with a simple blouse and skirt will take you anywhere from work to the theater. Whichever way you choose to layer a shirt under your cardigan, make sure it fits you and your unique style. If you would like to transition your outfit from day to night, keep the following acronym in mind: ELF. By changing your earrings to something more sparkly and dramatic, putting on fresh lipstick, and dressing up your feet with a great pair of heels, you can go from looking serious and professional to beautiful and dramatic in five minutes flat.


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