Women's Scoop Neck Tank Tops

Loose Scoop-Neck Tank Top

Loose Scoop-Neck Tank Top

Women’s Scoop-Neck Tank Tops

Our women’s scoop-neck tank tops are ideal for easy styling. They accentuate your natural collarbone, thanks to the wide and round neckline. They also lengthen your neck so you can shine with confidence. Wear black women's cotton shorts with your scoop-neck tank top along with flats or sneakers.

We have a wide variety of low scoop-neck tank tops in different colors and sizes to choose from. Wear black from head to toe, with a black scoop-neck tank top and blank midrise jeans. For your next night out with your girlfriends, try wearing any of our above-the-knee skirts and a scoop-neck tank top. Have fun accessorizing with pendant necklaces, a bright-colored scoop-neck tank top, and tailored trousers.

Take a look at all of our ladies’ scoop-neck tank tops in different styles and fits. Want more of a laid-back athleisure look? Simply wear a scoop-neck tank top with a tracksuit in the same color. Play around with different graphics and patterns, such as a graphic tank top, jeans, and a black blazer. From keeping it casual to dressing it up, you’re sure to look and feel fabulous with any of our flowy scoop-neck tank tops.

Loose Scoop-Neck Tank Top

Whether you’re headed to your next meeting or just looking for something casual to wear this weekend, you’re sure to find the perfect flowy scoop-neck tank top at Lands’ End. Wear a navy skirt with a patterned low scoop-neck tank top. Try patterned leggings with a solid-color loose scoop-neck tank top. Keep it casual by layering your tank top with boots and sweaters, or dress it up with heels and a blazer.

The loose scoop-neck tank top is a popular choice for a good reason. Our women’s loose scoop-neck tank tops are machine washable, so they’re meant for wearing and washing time after time. Try all our different fabrics to wear through the seasons. Accessorize by layering necklaces or with a choker.

If you’re looking for a fun outfit this spring and summer, wear white skinny jeans with a pastel-colored loose scoop-neck tank top. When wearing skinny jeans with your tank top, make sure you tuck the tank into the jeans to keep a polished look. Or have fun styling your outfit with denim cuffed shorts and a patterned scoop-neck tank top. Play around with a crossbody purse and street-style sneakers. Try a bright red tank top and black fitted trousers. The possibilities are truly endless.