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Best Shoes to Wear to a Wedding

Being a guest at a wedding gives you the perfect excuse to get glammed up, treat yourself to a manicure, get a cute haircut, and buy a new outfit. The celebratory occasion typically calls for guests to arrive in stylish, polished, formal attire, so use this time to splurge on a new outfit or two. And with a new outfit, you can’t forget the shoes. If you are in the market for a cute pair of shoes to wear to a wedding, consider these helpful tips and various footwear options from which you can choose.

Get Some Details on the Wedding Day Festivities

Before you can determine what shoes are best to wear to a wedding, consider the venue in which the wedding is held, the theme, and the level of formality. Some weddings are laid-back and informal while others request their guests to dress to the nines and prepare themselves for an evening of fun. Get an idea of what the dress code will be, whether it’s more of a backyard wedding or a black-tie affair. Only once you know where the wedding is being held and what the dress code is can you start to think about what shoes to wear.

Keep Your Comfort in Mind

After figuring out just how formal or informal the wedding day will be, think about finding shoes that look amazing but will keep you comfortable, too. Weddings are usually all-day events that go well into the evening, so you should anticipate wearing your attire and shoes for a long time. And if there is going to be lots of dancing at the wedding, make sure to prioritize shoes that are equally as comfortable as they are fashionable. The best way to find a comfortable pair of shoes for a wedding is by trying on several pairs and walking around in them before deciding on any purchases. Steer clear of ordering shoes online unless you know you will be able to purchase them, try them on in your home, and return anything you choose not to keep.

Bedazzled Flats

If you are simply not a heel kinda gal, feel free to stick to flats. There are plenty of flats that are appropriate and formal enough to wear to a wedding. Shop around for something like a ballet flat with a pointed toe and lots of sequins or bedazzled jewels. It’s dressy, formal, and fashionable and looks elegant with long or short women's dresses. Another great bonus about a bedazzled ballet flat is that a shoe like this is in season any time of the year and it can be worn with soft, pastel colors in the spring and dramatic, rich tones in the fall and winter.

A Sandal With a Chunky Heel

Sandals are great for spring and summer weddings, especially if the ceremony and reception will be held outside. If you know you’re going to a wedding where there will be plenty of dancing, avoid sky-high stilettos if you're not comfortable in them. Instead, opt for a cute, colorful sandal with a chunky heel. Depending on the color and design of whatever outfit you wear, you can stick to solid, neutral-colored sandals or try something with a pop of color or lots of fun designs.

An Espadrille Wedge

If you are attending a spring or summer wedding that takes place outdoors or in a slightly more relaxed, informal setting, an espadrille wedge can look smashing with many different wedding outfits. It’s got a bit of a beachy vibe, so it will look great if the wedding is held by a lake, the ocean, or some type of tropical locale. An espadrille wedge goes nicely with a tall maxi dress, a midi skirt with a women’s blouse, or a cute sundress. And the best part about a wedge is that it’s a heel that will be comfortable enough for you to dance in for hours at a time.

Slip-On Sandals or Flats

Sleek, black-pointed flats with a strap and an embellishment are a fabulous choice for guests attending a black-tie wedding who don’t want to be stuck wearing uncomfortable heels all night long. There are countless flats out there that are formal and stylish enough for a ritzy affair. And if you are attending a less formal wedding during the spring or summer season, look into flat strappy sandals or cute, neutral-colored sandals with a slightly wide heel. Since it’s a wedding, experiment with different styles and shoe choices you might not necessarily wear on a daily basis. Have fun with it and look into various shoe styles. A bold, colorful, fashionably adventurous choice can be a confidence booster and provide a way to really accentuate the rest of your outfit.


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