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Best Sheets to Put in Your Guest Bedroom

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. Researchers are constantly publishing studies that show how poor sleep can not only make you groggy the next day but lead to real health problems. Because one in three adults lack a good night’s sleep regularly, why should your guest bedroom add to the problem? Don’t just throw any old sheet set on your guest bed when you have company. When shopping for bed sheets that keep your guests comfortable and prevent them from tossing and turning, there are two main factors to consider besides simply a color choice: the time of year and the fabric. As such, keep these tips in mind for choosing the best sheets for your guest bedroom.

For Hot Summer Nights

Trying to fall asleep when it is humid and sticky outside can be a real struggle. But the sheets you crawl into at night can make a huge impact in the fight for a good night’s sleep. Linen sheet sets are ideal for hot summer nights since they’re breathable and lightweight. Plus, they’re great at wicking away moisture. One word of caution though if you like your bed sheets to look super crisp — linen wrinkles easily, but that’s one of its endearing factors. And if you have a lightweight duvet or comforter over it, who will even notice its comfy “lived-in” look? Nonetheless, linen is a durable, reliable option for catching some z’s on those hot summer nights.

For Cooler Temps

Just as linen can help you sleep more easily during the summertime, flannel sheets feel amazing during the chilly fall and winter months. Just thinking about its brushed surface and soft fibers warms any blustery night. Because flannel traps air and body heat, you stay warm; but it also wicks moisture away from your skin, meaning you don’t wake up sweaty and overheated. Not all flannel is created equal, however. Look for flannel sheets made of 100% Supima cotton (only 3% of all cotton made in the United States). This way, the sheets will resist pilling, making it look better for a longer time.

The Safe, Natural Option Year-round

No matter what time of year, you can’t go wrong with Supima cotton sheets. Again, Supima is the best cotton there is if you’re looking for something grown in the USA. This type of cotton is not only natural and safe for allergy-prone skin, but is also breathable meaning you won’t wake up sweaty. Look for a 400-thread count or higher for extra comfort. And if you want that super crisp pressed look, look for no-iron sheets that will look brand-new and wrinkle-free even after being tossed around in the dryer. You can even have your cotton bed sheets monogrammed with your initials. That way, whenever your guests remember the best night of sleep they ever had, they’ll associate your initials with it!

For Unconventional Beds

If you have something in your guest bedroom other than a standard bed, like a futon, you likely know the struggles of finding sheets that fit just right. But did you know that they now make specific trundle bed sheets, daybed sheets, and futon sheets to accommodate all the different types of bedding? There are even cot sheets. This makes converting a spare den or office into a guest bedroom easy at the drop of a hat. Just keep a spare set somewhere in the spare room so that they’re ready for you when guests arrive. Don’t forget about pillows either. Keep a couple of spare pillows in the closet, but without the pillowcases on them (otherwise they risk getting dirty). Keep the pillowcases folded with the sheets so they’ll stay clean and pressed until you need them.

When shopping for the best sheets for your guest bedroom, don’t forget to take into account the deepness of your mattress. Some mattresses are deeper than others, so you want to make sure your sheets (especially any fitted ones) are deep enough to fit under your mattress, but not so deep that you have a bunch of extra material that creates an uncomfortable wrinkly surface. Typically, 18 inches is a good measurement to look for. Don’t forget to make the bed look welcoming too. Throw pillows and throw blankets are great additions to guest bedrooms, adding a little touch of style, and making beds look more inviting. By taking all these considerations into account when shopping for bed sheets for your guest bedroom, you may even decide you want to start sleeping in there yourself!


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