Best Light Jackets to Wear in the Rain This Summer

Best Light Jackets to Wear in the Rain This Summer

Of course, we like to think about sunny blue skies and sandy beaches during the summertime instead of cloudy skies and muddy puddles, but rain will likely happen at some point. There’s no reason to stay stuck inside all day and let the rain ruin your plans. Some of the best raincoats available today are well-made, with vents under the arms, a waterproof layer on the inside and a water-repellent layer on the outside. Plus they’re really lightweight, so you won’t feel too hot and you’ll be able to move around freely instead of feeling rigid and immobile. If you want to enjoy your summer no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, be prepared with these tips for finding a lightweight rain jacket that lets you enjoy these few short months.

Light Rain Jackets for Women

Sometimes what is sold as an all-purpose jacket is actually an amazing rain jacket as well. Keep that in mind when searching for a women’s rain jacket that can be worn in the rain or any time the temperature drops. Keep your typical kind of weather in mind as well. If you tend to get the occasional light shower, any type of waterproof jacket will suffice, as long as you feel comfortable in it and it looks good.

But for those parts of the country where the rain tends to come at you sideways instead of from the sky, your rain jacket should also be windproof. When finding the right one for you, consider whether you want to look professional and dressed up or put-together but casual. If the professional vibe is what you’re going for, a trench-style rain jacket is always a great bet. Otherwise, any type of parka or waist-length jacket can help you keep your casual look while keeping dry as well.

Light Rain Jackets for Men

Just like with a women’s rain jacket, the best light rain jacket for men will depend on what type of activity he’ll be doing. What he wears while dodging hail on the way to work will be different than what he wears on a bike ride when there’s a light drizzle in the forecast. While a men’s down jacket can be lightweight and waterproof, it is likely too warm for most summer days. Instead, a waterproof windbreaker is a great all-around choice for whatever type of rain he might be caught in this summer. Some even weigh less than 3 ounces, making it barely noticeable until he realizes his top is completely dry despite the monsoon outside. Look for one that’s sealed with elastic cuffs and is 100% waterproof.

For the Kiddos

When it comes to kids, some don’t like wearing jackets that are too stiff or constricting. These days, it doesn’t even have to be an official “rain jacket.” Any type of waterproof jacket will do as long as it doesn’t make them too hot and lets them move around freely. Better yet, a packable jacket that easily fits into a purse or backpack is great for kids and parents alike. Some even pack up into their own hood, making them great for storing in the glove compartment of the car, just in case, or for packing into a beach bag in case a pop-up shower surprises you while you’re building sandcastles.

Don’t Forget the Dog

Most dogs live for going for walks, and they shouldn’t have to forgo their daily exercise just because of a little rain. Unless you like the feel of water sprayed at you after your dog shakes off his fur after getting caught in the rain, consider a cute little rain jacket for him. There are plenty of options to choose from that let you slip the leash through a special slot, and some even have little hoods to keep your pooch’s head dry too!

Summer is always way too short. There’s no reason to let a little rain ruin your fun, so why not just get out there and enjoy it! Staying dry is easy with today’s lightweight rain jackets. Don’t forget some boots for those really rainy days, or for when your kids just want to jump and splash around in the puddles. Remember that if your kids are in-between sizes, it’s always smart to go a size up when shopping for boots.


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