Mini vs. Maxi vs. Midi: Which Dress is Best for the Spring?

Mini vs. Maxi vs. Midi: Which Dress Is Best for the Spring?

Once warmer weather hits, it can seem like the options for dress styles are endless. There are many dresses that perfectly fit the sunnier days and warmer temps, but sometimes, the choices can feel overwhelming. There are mini dresses, which tend to end above the knee, midi dresses, which end around mid-calf, and maxi dresses , which go all the way down to the floor.

There’s a reason to wear each style of dress throughout the year, depending on your local climate and the function you plan on attending, but there are certain dresses that are made for spring due to their fabrics, lengths, and styles.

Mini, maxi and mid dresses all come in a range of colors and styles — from brightly patterned styles to solid-colored little black dresses — so you won’t have trouble finding a style or pattern that fits your vibe as long as you know the best dress for your local springtime weather. Here are the pros and cons of each kind of dress during the spring — a time when it’s warm (but not hot) and sunny with a chance of April showers.

Maxi Dresses

Spring can be an unexpected season. Some days are warm and sunny while others are blustery and rainy — with even a chance of late-season snow. That being said, a long, leg-covering maxi dress is often the best choice for spring. In the chance of an unexpected rain storm, your legs will stay dry, and if the evening temperatures drop way below the daytime highs, your legs will be covered by a layer of warm cotton.

Maxi dresses are the perfect transitional style from season to season. They can be worn on their own with a pair of sandals or bundled up with the addition of one of our Lands’ End cardigans for women. For a more casual look, maxi dresses can be worn with one of our pullover cotton sweaters for women . On a colder day, a pair of slip-on loafers are the perfect final piece to make an ideal outfit for a chilly spring day.

In other words, a maxi dress is the best dress for spring because of its versatility and the guarantee that your legs will be kept warm throughout all of spring’s unpredictable weather patterns.

Midi Dresses

If you’re looking to play it a little less safe but still want some of the coverage that maxi dresses offer, a midi dress is a good balance. The calf-grazing length of the dress means the majority of your legs are protected from the elements, but with a small amount of leg showing, you’ll be sure to stay cool in the case of a heat wave.

Like a maxi dress, a midi dress can also be worn with a sweater for an extra layer of warmth. And for a quick errand, a zip-up fleece jacket layer over top will even suffice. Midi dresses are also a good staple to have on hand for spring days, particularly the warmer ones. While midi dresses aren’t quite as warm as maxi dresses, which are longer, they are still long enough to guard your legs against wind and cold temps most of the time.

Mini Dresses

Customarily, mini dresses are best suited for very warm weather. Why? They’re the shortest dress on this list, which means your legs will be most exposed when wearing a mini dress. In the case of a brisk breeze on a spring day or on an April evening when temperatures drop into winter weather territory (which is known to happen from time to time), you may find yourself a little cold in a mini dress. Even when worn with one of your go-to jean jackets , this style of dress may be a little cold for most spring days.

The exception to that? If you see summery weather on the forecast one May day (which is also known to happen), break out your favorite mini dress —ideally one in a spring-like floral print. For shoes, wear a pair of white fashion sneakers, or, if the weather is really warm, your favorite espadrilles. With the addition of a pair of sunglasses and your favorite pair of earrings, you’ll be all set for some outdoor fun on a warm day.

All in all, a maxi dress is the most reliable style of dress to wear throughout the unpredictable springtime months. It’s long enough to provide a layer of warmth but breezy enough for any warm spring day.

With the variety of styles — short-sleeved, long-sleeved, tank top — and prints, you’ll easily be able to find the maxi dresses that best fit your personal style.


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