How to Rock Athleisure Outfits In a Casual Office Setting

How to Rock Athleisure Outfits in a Casual Office Setting

Who says you can’t be cozy while you work in an office? Today’s cozy clothing comes with plenty of options to dress up and still look professional. With a lineup of office-friendly women’s loungewear, you can create brilliantly styled outfits that you’ll never want to take off. Use these handy styling tips to easily wear your favorite athleisure wear while you work.

Wear Appropriate Colors

One of the easiest ways to sport your favorite pair of women’s yoga pants at work is to choose work-friendly colors. Fancy suits and slacks typically come in grey, blue, black, or even white. Simply use these color schemes to style your favorite athleisure wear. Choose a selection of cozy loungewear that comes in a variety of colors suitable for the office. Avoid patterns or prints that make it look like you’re ready for the gym. The idea is to look as business casual as possible, so opt for classic colors to blend in.

Get Dressed Up

Instead of wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt to work, try sporting lounge dresses. Dresses offer a quick-and-easy way to make any outfit just a little chicer. Choose whatever pattern or print you’d like. Keep your outfit office-ready with cute accessories. Pair a drop necklace and bracelet stack with some flats to put a sophisticated spin on your favorite snuggly dress. Or wear your hair up and back for a sleek look that commands a room. You’re looking for small details that dress up your best loungewear. Athleisure should be cozy and functional, which is what makes it so appealing to wear to work. With a little accessorizing, you can have an office-ready look with minimal effort.

Mix it

Alright, we’ll admit it, even the most casual office environments will probably raise an eyebrow if you show up in a sweatsuit. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your favorite athleisurewear. Choose one piece of loungewear, such as a soft tee or a pair of cozy jogger pants. Then mix it up by choosing a business-ready blouse or slacks. The result is an outfit that’s not only comfortable but boardroom-ready. Mixing business and casual pieces of your wardrobe allow you to put out an approachable vibe while also keeping it professional. Adding a dash of accessories can also pump up a casual look and make it ready for the office. Mix and match different outfits to create a cohesive outfit you’ll feel relaxed in without looking like you just got out of bed.

Swap Those Sneaks

The number one rule for wearing athleisure outfits at work is to forego the sneakers. Sure, you can stash them in your bag for a quick gym sesh after work, but don’t stroll into the office decked out in leisurewear. Instead, use pumps, wedged heels, or flats to keep your overall outfit looking business-ready. Strappy sandals or cute heels make quick work of making your athleisure wear look dressy.

Jump on It

Jumpsuits are the hot, new trendy look. These one-piece wonders look fabulous on a variety of body types and are cozy as can be. The best part? You can easily turn a comfy jumpsuit into an office-ready look. Again, remember to accessorize and choose business-friendly footwear. Choose long sleeve or even sleeveless jumpsuits (wear a tee underneath if you want a bit more coverage). There is a large variety of styles and sizes, but typically you’ll want something that accents your natural waist to add a little bit of definition to your look. Jumpsuits with pockets made from cozy cotton are not only nice to lounge around in, but they provide ample function too.

Choose Knits

Another easy way to dress up your favorite loungewear is to get knitted. Knit women's cardigan sweaters, shawls, or tops quickly create an office-ready look without sacrificing on comfort. Aim to pair slouchy and loose knits with tighter athleisure wear on the bottom for a balanced look that screams style. Alternatively, you can opt to wear a tightly woven three-quarter length turtle neck sweater for a sophisticated edge that commands the room. Knits make every outfit feel a little chicer, and the soft fabrics feel luxe. Stay cozy but keep it office-friendly with loveable knits.

Overall, it’s possible to wear your favorite athleisure pieces to work. Especially in a more casual office environment, where the dress code is more relaxed, you can mix and match your coziest clothes for a stylish look that won’t have you pulling, itching, or pinching all day. Keep your overall tone relaxed yet professional with the right accessories and balancing your wardrobe piece. The result is an outfit you actually want to wear all day long.


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