Are Wool Coats Warmer Than Down?

Are Wool Coats Warmer Than Down?

Equip your cold-weather wardrobe with women’s winter coats that stand up to the elements. If you can’t decide between a wool coat and down coat, it may help to know which one is warmer. Down coats often provide more warmth than wool coats, but you should always check the warmth rating of the coats you’re considering.

Outerwear Warmth Ratings

There are three ratings you may come across when shopping for outerwear. First, there’s Warm. Fleece vests and jackets are often rated Warm, which makes them ideal for fall. You can wear fleece outerwear over a sweater or under a down or wool coat for added warmth in winter.

Then there’s the Warmer rating. There are both down and wool coats for women with this rating, so choosing between the two is a matter of preference. Any coat with a Warmer rating is suitable for wear in temperatures ranging between 8–33°F.

The Warmest rating is best for extreme cold and blizzard conditions. Coats rated Warmest can protect against temperatures as low as 0–27°F. Most jackets and coats rated warmest are insulated, either with down or a synthetic material such as ThermoPlume®.

Features of Wool Coats

Although they may not be quite as warm as some down coats, women’s wool coats have their advantages. They’re ideal for office wear or for any occasion where a formal coat is called for. You can wear one with a women’s dress shirt and skirt or over dress pants and a cashmere sweater for an elegant workday outfit that’s warm and comfortable.

You can also wear a wool coat with casual apparel for a structured look that’s on-trend. Skinny jeans and a turtleneck with winter boots is one example of an outfit that looks stylish with a long wool coat.

There are wool-blend coats that combine wool with polyester for the best features of each. Wool-poly fabrics are soft and durable, in addition to being warm. Choose an insulated wool coat for maximum warmth. You’ll find wool coats filled with PrimaLoft® insulation, which adds lightweight loft. A stand-up collar is another good feature to have in a wool coat as it helps keep the wind out. For the most coverage, opt for a wool coat that reaches past the thigh and has on-seam pockets for warming your hands.

Wool coats come in many colors. If you want a piece of outerwear that complements virtually every other color you wear, choose one in a versatile neutral like black, navy, or camel. These three colors can be paired with any color of neutral pant or skirt. You can, of course, also wear any neutral color with denim, whether your preference is a dark indigo wash or a lighter faded wash.

Features of Down Coats

Down coats are just as versatile as wool coats for winter, if not more so. Like wool coats, down coats come in different lengths to meet your style and coverage needs. There are many down coat styles from which to choose, including quilted stretch down coats, long down coats, and parkas insulated with down. Packable down coats are an excellent option for traveling because they fold up to fit in your overnight bag or suitcase.

Many down coats have a rating of Warmer, although there are some with a Warmest rating. Waterproof Squall coats are one such option, although instead of down, they’re filled with PrimaLoft®. These 3-in-1 coats provide for maximum versatility, as you can wear the shell and jacket separately or together. They have fully adjustable hoods to protect your head from the cold, along with pockets for carrying small items or keeping your hands warm.

As with wool coats, down coats can be worn with plenty of outfits. For an outfit that’s suitable for the coldest days, start with women’s thermals—layer on your favorite jeans or dress pants and a turtleneck sweater. There are turtlenecks made from Supima cotton, cotton blends, and even cashmere for upscale style and plenty of warmth. You can add a fleece or down vest, then slip into your down coat.

Another feature shared by wool and down coats is the color selection. You’ll find down coats in colors ranging from winter white to basic black, which are both eternally stylish neutrals that go with any other apparel colors. There are navy coats and those in rich jewel tones for a dressy look, along with pretty pastel hues. If you prefer bright colors, look for a down coat in a shade of bright blue, purple, yellow, or red.

Must-Have Winter Accessories

Complete your winter outfits with the right accessories. Along with winter socks, boots, and the right coat, you’ll want to have women’s gloves to protect your hands. There are women’s scarves that keep your neck warm while serving as a stylish accessory, along with hats you can wear with or without a hood for extra warmth.

Shop the winter apparel selection to find down coats, wool coats, and other outerwear essentials for every type of weather this winter.


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