Women's Thermal Underwear

Women's Thermal Pants & Thermal Leggings

Women's Thermal Pants & Thermal Leggings

Wearing well-made thermal underwear is one of the most effective ways to stay warm and toasty in extremely cold conditions. This type of underwear traps your body heat to protect you against the cold. It's also lightweight and thin enough to enable you to move freely. Lands' End offers some of the best thermal underwear pieces you can find on the market. We have a huge selection of thermals for women of all ages and body types, from thermal leggings to long johns. Thermal underclothes at our store are worthwhile investments because of their incredible comfort and durability.

If comfort is your main concern, check out our women's silk interlock pants. Made of 100% silk, these thermal pants for women are extremely breathable and smooth to the touch. They also have excellent heat-retention and moisture-wicking properties. Additionally, they have a flat elastic waistband to eliminate bulk and ensure a great fit. They're light and thin enough for layering under all types of women's tops, from dress shirts to sweaters. These thermal pants come in four colors: black, ivory, deep-sea navy, and burnt clay.

If you're a plus-size woman, our popular plus-size natural Thermaskin pants are the ideal option. These thermal long johns are made of a blend of merino wool, nylon, and Spandex, delivering the perfect balance of warmth, comfort, ease of movement, and durability. Features such as moisture-wicking fabric, smooth flat-locked seams, and a comfy elastic waistband make this piece the ultimate in long johns. Underwear bottoms for plus-size women at our store come in 1X, 2X, and 3X sizes.

Whether you're staying indoors, going to work, or traveling in the winter, you can count on Lands' End's longjohns, insulated leggings, and thermal tops to help you stay comfortable. Besides being super comfy, our thermal underclothes for women are also very reasonably priced. Start shopping at Lands' End today to find the best deals on women's insulated underwear.