Are Hoodies Sweaters?

Are Hoodies Sweaters?

You love the feel of a warm and cozy women’s sweater. You’re all about those sporty hoodies that keep you comfortable on relaxed weekends and errand runs. They’re both useful— but are they the same? In a word, no. These two garments are distinctly different from one another yet offer some of the same benefits.

What is it that makes them similar, and what sets them apart? Let’s begin with the obvious. They’ll both keep you toasty when you need a warming layer. They’re both perfect to wear during fall and winter and make a smooth transition into springtime when the weather is still a little too cool to step out in short sleeves. Here’s everything you need to know about these two common yet decidedly different pieces.

The Classic Sweater

Unless they live in the warmest of climates, most people need at least one or two sweaters in their wardrobe. And even then, it may be nice to keep a lightweight cardigan sweater handy for an easy evening layering piece. Sweaters are special in that way. They’re exceptionally versatile, so much so that you can wear them almost anywhere.

That’s in direct contrast to a hoodie, which is decidedly less flexible in the styling options it offers you. You can easily wear a conservative sweater to work, for example. It will look fantastic with anything from a pair of wool dress pants to a sleek pencil skirt. Add a pair of pumps, and you’ll be all set for the day, whether you’re parked at your desk or leading team meetings.

Sweaters are also appropriate for casual weekends out. An oversized boyfriend-style cardigan looks fabulous with a pair of skinny jeans and your favorite suede booties. That kind of outfit allows you to look and feel pulled together with little to no effort. Add a statement necklace or two, and you’ll be set for an impromptu lunch with a friend or a quick coffee run with your neighbor.

A sweater is also a must to wear on the coldest days of the year. Few pieces lock in body heat as well, and that’s key when temperatures dive. Details like cuffed hems and sleeves do a fantastic job of keeping you extra warm. In addition, you’ll find styles made with everything from cashmere to wool to cotton, ensuring that you’ll always have a sweater to wear no matter the season.

The Sporty Hoodie

Comfy hoodies have a place in your wardrobe, too! They’re laid-back, sporty, and incredibly comfortable. You’ll love having the option to dress down in something casual, easy to wear, and stylish all at once. Hoodies are easy to wear with everything from jeans to yoga pants, making them an integral part of your wardrobe when you’re going casual.

Once upon a time, hoodies were considered mere alternatives to sweatshirts. And they’re indeed pretty similar — they’re usually designed with the same type of thick, body-warming material that feels incredible on a brisk day. So it’s no wonder people love to wear them while shooting hoops in the fall or going for a run on a chilly winter morning.

However, the modern hoodie is anything but predictable. It’s downright surprising in its style — some might even say it’s fashionable. That’s because contemporary looks are designed with upscale details, like cashmere fabric and Sherpa lining. They’ll keep you even warmer while adding a decidedly refined finishing touch to your otherwise laid-back look.

A cashmere hoodie, for example, makes a great addition to your collection of work from home outfits. You’ll feel warm and relaxed but also pulled together enough for video calls or visitors who may drop by unexpectedly.

Hoodies can serve as layering pieces, too. It all depends on the style you’re wearing. A thick and substantial hoodie serves more as a substitute for your everyday jacket, offering even more warmth and comfort than, say, a windbreaker or an anorak. If you aren’t expecting rain but do anticipate cool weather, a hoodie makes a great choice. But you can also pop on a thinner and more lightweight hoodie beneath a coat. They lock in body heat, adding even more warmth and keeping you extra warm in the face of everything from heavy winds to snowfall.

The Ultimate Choice

Sure, they’re different, but is one superior to the other? In short, not at all. Both hoodies and sweaters play important roles in keeping you comfortable throughout the year. They’re year-round essentials in their own ways, and the type that you select will depend largely on the weather and season. Because you can find both styles in lightweight and heavy-duty configurations, it’s easy to find one that’s just right for you. And whether you wear yours with your tried-and-true straight leg jeans, leggings, or yoga pants, you’ll quickly see just how versatile both pieces are.

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