Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets Wrinkle-Free?

Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets Wrinkle-Free?

When it comes to keeping Egyptian cotton sheets wrinkle-free, quality matters. The feeling of getting into your bedsheets after a long day of working and walking might be one of life’s simplest pleasures. But unfortunately, sliding into the sheets doesn't always feel refreshing. The stiffness of the pillowcases under your head, crinkled sheets that give you a rough experience, and hot-cold patches in the middle of the night could be red flags of poor quality sheets.

That is where Egyptian cotton sheets enter the room.

The Fascinating Story of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Before getting into the details of this amazing fabric, we want to let you in on a little of a history lesson. Its heritage has reached millions of people worldwide due to its softness and durability. We can trace back Egyptian cotton to 1821 in Cairo. But many don’t know that it was a Frenchman, Monsieur Jumel, who discovered it for the rest of the world.

He found this plant after walking in his garden and experimented on it, creating luxurious extra-long-staple cotton fibers. Today, more than 40 years since his early experiments, Egyptian cotton is touted as the most elegant, softest, and coveted fabric for bedsheets.

Unparalleled Comfort

Thread count is the number of threads woven into a single square inch of fabric. The higher the number is, the more luxurious, denser, and softer it will feel to touch.

One of the best Egyptian cotton sheets you can find is the 400-count Supima cotton sheets. For an even more extraordinary experience, you can get 800-thread counts, with a robust yet silky weave considered to last beautifully and intact for many years.

But, Is Egyptian Cotton Wrinkle-Free?

If you are more into wrinkle-free sheets, which might be difficult in any fabric, Egyptian cotton can help you achieve that more easily than other materials. It all depends on the type of cotton you’re buying. Because 100% Egyptian cotton does not contain any synthetic materials or polyester, it can be remarkably soft and strong at first, which also means it will wrinkle more easily. However, Egyptian cotton can be wrinkle-free if you buy the “non-wrinkle” or “wrinkle-resistant” options.

Also, there’s some good news here. Egyptian cotton softens as it gets older. This means as you continue to use the sheets, the wrinkles will eventually soften. And, of course, you can always iron your Egyptian cotton sheets to get a flawless look.

Plus, some bedsheets have nanotechnology to give you wrinkle-free Egyptian cotton fabric, saving you time and money in ironing it yourself. Honestly, like an outstanding wine, Egyptian cotton gets better and softer with age and continued use.

But, if Egyptian cotton isn’t your favorite fabric, meet its cousin. You can still get that same luxurious feeling of wrinkle-free and soft cloud sheets with Supima cotton sheets, which are 100% American-made and a licensed trademark, meaning it is much harder to find and buy, but also good to keep in mind.

At Lands’ End, our Supima cotton bedsheets come in so many colors and styles, plus they’re ultra-soft and specially treated to help prevent wrinkles. Take a look at our extensive collection before making your decision.

Tips to Get Wrinkle-Free Bedsheets

Thanks to technology, we can now have Egyptian cotton sheets with built-in wrinkle-free weaves. But if you can’t seem to find this one, try this quick tip:

Doing this will give you hotel-quality bedsheets that have no wrinkles every time. If you don’t want to iron your sheets, a clothes steamer combines heat and water to abolish any wrinkle in sight. Plus, steamers can often be faster and easier to use than irons.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Bedding

Comfort has a new meaning when it comes to bedding. You can find anything on the market right now, from the inexpensive sheet sets to bedding that goes well above $1,000. But giving in to this pleasure can help ensure you're a well-rested person the next day.

Getting Egyptian cotton sheets gives you the perfect fitted bed, a somewhat wrinkle-free look, and a fabric that keeps getting softer and better after every wash. So, the next time you’re browsing through our bedding collection, stop by our Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton bedsheets to give your room the luxurious upgrade it deserves. Pair these amazing sheets with a down comforter or monogrammed blankets for the ultimate hotel-like look and feel at home.


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