5 Ways to Style Your Blouse for Work

5 Ways to Style Your Blouse for Work

The workday ensemble should be polished and put together but still easy and efficient. There are so many rules to finding the perfect workwear ensemble, but one clothing item that always makes the cut is a go-to blouse. No matter the environment in which you work, you can always count on this wardrobe staple to look clean, crisp, and undeniably classy.

The most versatile item for dressing for work, a blouse can be worn with everything from pencil skirts to dress pants and women's jeans. Depending on the formality of your office, you can dress a blouse up or down and layer it under a blazer or suit for a look that is pretty and sophisticated. Better yet, simple designs look tailored and clean, allowing you to be as creative or bold as you like by adding accessories that speak to your style and attitude.

Here are five ways you can style a blouse for work to look professional yet elegant.

1. The Classic White Button-Down

There are few things more classic than a bright white button-down. When worn with a pencil skirt or dress pants, the white button-down shirt is highly professional and clean; when tucked into dark denim jeans, it is crisp and elegant. A classic white button-down blouse always looks polished and put together and is a perfect go-to item for the office or any occasion when you need to look neat and respectful. The good news about all-white shirts is that should you have an accidental spill, you can always throw the top in the wash with a dab of bleach, and your favorite shirt will be as good as new. To get the full effect of this shirt, take the extra step to either press or iron your button-down shirt with starch. This will give your outfit more clean lines, fewer wrinkles, and an overall elevated look.

2. Classy Tunics

Women’s tunics offer longer coverage, meaning they hang longer on your body, covering your hips and sometimes even your thighs. Tunics are slightly more casual for the workplace, but they work wonders when paired with skinny jeans or fitted dress pants. In long sleeves or short sleeves, tunics can be worn throughout the entire year and are conservative enough for you to wear to work. Pair tunics with statement jewelry, such as a long pendant, to dress your look up. Wear a tunic in a light color with dark-colored pants, or vice versa, and ballet flats or booties, depending on the time of year, for a look that is polished and work appropriate.

3. Blouses with Dress Pants

For a more powerful look, women’s dress pants are an easy way to dress up a work outfit. Dress pants are fitted and tailored, often with a pleat or stitching that adds extra pizzazz. Additionally, you can have fun with your dress pants, which come in a variety of colors, designs, patterns, and fabrics so you can go as conventional or as bold as you like. If you are planning on wearing bright or bold patterned dress pants or even satin or velvet dress pants, consider pairing it with a simple solid-color blouse. If you are wearing solid dress pants, experiment with fun and playful blouses in bright colors or fun patterns. This look works no matter the formality of your office or workplace. Dress up your look with pointed-toe high heels for an important meeting, or dress it down with slip-ons or fashion sneakers for some casual Friday fun.

4. Blouses with Blazers

A blouse is your easiest option for pulling off your look any day of the workweek. Throw a fitted blazer over a tucked-in blouse for a look that is tailored, polished, and professional for a boardroom meeting, then hang the blazer up and roll up your sleeves to get some work done in your office. Talk about versatile! This look will carry you from the morning school run to busy days at the office in no time. Opt for simple, smooth blouses that will look less bulky when wearing a blazer.

5. Date-Night Ready with a Blouse

Those evenings where you’re running late at work no longer have to be a curse. Wear a sexy blouse as part of your work outfit under a blazer or women’s cashmere cardigan to work so that when it’s time to head out for date night, simply remove the top layer, and you’ll be ready to hit the town. Go from workday suave to date night sexy with simple changes that work in almost any environment.


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