10 Summer Basics for Women in Their 60s

10 Summer Basics for Women in Their 60s

Summer is a beautiful time of year! The days are long, and warm evenings invite you to linger on the patio. You might look forward to summer as being filled with easy days of golfing with friends, taking your grandchildren to the beach, and sitting by the lake watching the birds flit around. Or of course you may be thinking of adapting your work wardrobe to the hot weather and wondering what to wear out in the evenings! The good news is that no matter your lifestyle, we can offer some shopping guidance as your needs and tastes shift over time.

If the natural changes to your figure have made you uncertain about wearing a bathing suit or sleeveless dresses, please don’t give it another thought! The most important thing we can tell you is that you look terrific and we’re only here to help you look and feel your best! The next thing we will tell you, and in a conspiratorial tone, is that if you have a new or more prominent “not happy with it” area, there are plenty of clothing options to help you downplay whatever that is while you enhance your best features. Here are 10 summer essentials to have in your closet that will help you feel confident and beautiful!

1. Maxi dresses

Jersey maxi dresses never go out of style, and they are wonderful to wear during the warm summer months. Maxi dresses feature a form-fitting bodice with a skirt that flows beautifully to ankle or floor. The graceful skirt lets the breeze dance around your legs and allows you ease of movement. Maxi dresses come in a variety of materials, patterns, and colors to brighten up your summer wardrobe.

2. Wrap skirts

Skirts are an essential summertime basic, and wrap skirts are comfortable, versatile, and adjustable. You can adjust the skirt to comfortably fit over your hips, thighs, and backside. For summer, choose materials that are lightweight and flowy, with a hem that hits at the knee or just below. You can even find wrap skirts that are reversible so you can create a couple of different looks from the same piece.

3. Tunic top

Tunics are perfect for summer wear. They look great with a wide variety of bottoms and offer coverage if you are participating in any activity where you will be bending or reaching—I don’t know about you but I do not like showing my tummy when I reach up to help a little on at the playground or reach an item off a store shelf! Further, we hear from our shoppers in their 60s that a changing midsection sometimes has them feeling uncertain about what is comfortable and flattering to a fuller tummy, and the drape of tunic tops can provide a bit of camouflage in that area.

Tunic tops come in a variety of styles and silhouettes. If you prefer to cover your upper arms—you certainly don’t have to!—look for tunics with flutter sleeves or elbow sleeves, perfect for warm weather.

4. Capris and crop pants

If you’re still rocking shorts (no matter the length) as you move through your 60s, you do you! However, we have heard from longtime Lands’ End shoppers that they begin to eschew shorts as they mature. Happily, cropped pants and capris are stylish, comfortable, and provide a bit more coverage than shorts while keeping your body cooler and your look summery. Linen or cotton blends with added stretch are perfect for summer and look great with a variety of colorful and fun tops.

5. Lightweight cardigan

So many places, including offices, restaurants and public buildings, are over-airconditioned during the heat of summer! It's smart to carry a lightweight cardigan to protect yourself from the icy blast, Cardigans look great as a lightweight topper to almost any outfit, just be sure the cut isn’t tight and the material isn’t clingy. You want something easy that you can simply drape over your shoulders if you wish.

6. Espadrille sandals

Always in style and comfortable even if you choose a heel, espadrilles are a classic summer essential. Sturdy canvas uppers and rope soles define espadrilles, but they might be flat or wedge-heeled, or feature ankle strap detail, and they look great with any outfit from jeans to sundresses. Little bit of trivia for you: Espadrilles that we would recognize as espadrilles have been worn since the 14th century! Talk about a classic!

7. Swim skirts

Few women in their 60s choose teeny bikinis as regular swimwear, but that certainly doesn't mean that more mature women automatically select frumpy bathing costumes. Swim skirts are flattering and can provide a bit more coverage around your hips, backside, and upper thighs. Make sure the length isn't too long on your frame to preserve the look and feel of swimwear. If you are looking for extra tummy control, choose a swim skirt featuring a high-waisted design; they are readily available in a variety of cuts and offer a lot of versatility!

8. Tankini top

Tankini tops pair nicely with the swim skirts we just mentioned. They are generally designed with a built-in bra (good news whether you like an easy shelf bra or prefer underwire support), and the length of the top covers the midsection of your body. Tankini separates give you all the appeal, versatility and convenience of a bikini with the coverage of a one-piece.

9. Swimsuit cover-up

An absolute summer essential for water lovers is a swimsuit cover up. This can be as simple as a colorful sarong or as eye-catching as an embroidered caftan. Pick a cover-up that dries quickly and provides sufficient coverage, especially if you are looking for extra sun protection.

10. Sun hat

Women in their 60s—we hope!—have gotten serious about sun protection. Though we’re not big on “should,” the fact is that you should wear a sun hat. A big one. Not only will the hat protect your face and neck, but it can help to make any summer outfit look fun and fashionable. Fedora styles are perfect for a classic look, while straw hats with a wide brim are ideal for the beach or pool. Personalize your sun hat with a grosgrain band or scarf to showcase your personal style!

Keep these summer basics in your closet, and you will have all the building blocks you need to construct a variety of ideal summer looks just right for your figure as well as your lifestyle.


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