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10 summer basics for women in their 60s

Summer is a wonderful time of year. The days are long, and the evenings carry a warm breeze that invites you to linger on the patio. Summer is a great time to play with the grandkids, have picnics, and spend the day at the beach.

If the thought of wearing a swimsuit or a short sleeve dress concern you as a woman in your 60s, don't let it! You can dress in style and pizazz with the right summer basics that will let your unique personality shine. Here are 10 summer essentials to have in your closet so you will feel confident and beautiful.

1. Maxi dresses

Jersey maxi dresses never go out of style, and they are wonderful to wear during the warm summer months. Maxi dresses have a form-fitting upper part, while the bottom portion of the dress flows beautifully to the ankle or just above. The flowing design is helpful in allowing cool breezes to dance around your legs. Maxi dresses come in a variety of materials, patterns, and colors to brighten up your summer wardrobe.

2. Wrap skirts

Skirts are a basic summer essential, and wrap skirts are comfortable, versatile, and adjustable. You can adjust the skirt to comfortably fit over your hips, thighs, and backside. For summer, choose materials that are lightweight and flowy, with a hem that hits at the knee or just below. You can even find wrap skirts that are reversible so you can create a couple of different looks from the same piece.

3. Tunic top

Tunics are perfect for summer wear. They look great with skirts, cropped pants, and even stretch jeans. Plus, the A-line shape of tunic tops can gently hide the mid-section that women in their 60s are often concerned about.

Tunic tops come in a variety of styles, from long sleeve ones to short sleeve ones. For coverage of your upper arms, pick a tunic top that has ruffled cap sleeves that fall just above the elbow or a top that has roll-up sleeves.

4. Capris and crop pants

You may no longer feel comfortable wearing shorts when you're in your 60s. However, cropped pants and capris are stylish, comfortable, and give you coverage for your upper thighs. Linen or cotton blends with added stretch are perfect for summer and look great with a variety of colorful and fun tops.

5. Lightweight long cardigan

During the summer, many establishments are heavily air-conditioned, so it's smart to bring a lightweight cardigan to ward off the chill. Long cardigans look lovely with skirts, pants, and dresses. Just be sure the material isn't too tight or clingy. Instead, opt for materials that create a flowing look.

6. Espadrille sandals

Always beautiful and in style, espadrille sandals are a great summer essential. Made with raffia for the heel, a pretty ankle wrap, and cotton fabric, they look great with any outfit. Choose a pair with a low, flat heel and closed toe for a classic yet sporty look.

7. Swim skirts

Generally, women in their 60s have given up wearing bikinis, but that doesn't mean you have to choose a shapeless one-piece. Swim skirts are flattering and can provide a bit more coverage around your hips, backside, and upper thighs. Make sure the length isn't too long, as you still want the piece to look like swimwear. If you are looking for extra tummy control, choose a high-waisted swim skirt.

8. Tankini top

Tankini tops pair nicely with swim skirts. They come with a built-in shelf bra, and the length of the top covers the midsection of your body. Because the eye will naturally be drawn to the top of the swimwear, choose a color and pattern that flatters your skin tone and body shape.

9. Swimsuit cover-up

An absolute summer essential for water lovers is a swimsuit cover up. This can be as simple as a colorful sarong or a cute floral printed dress. Pick a cover-up that dries quickly and provides sufficient coverage, especially if you are looking for extra sun protection.

10. Sun hat

Women in their 60s are often conscious about taking care of their skin and reducing sun exposure. Because of this, one basic summer essential is a great-looking sun hat. Not only will the hat protect your face and neck, but it can help to make any summer outfit look fun and fashionable. Fedora styles are perfect for a classic look, while straw hats with a wide brim work perfectly for the beach. Spruce your sun hat up with a colorful hat band, a braided tassel wrap, or a bow on the back.

Keep these summer basics in your closet, and you will have a great combination of pieces to build your outfits with. Wearing clothes that fit your unique shape and express your personality will give you great confidence when you step out the door for a fun summer's day.


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