Woven Pillows

Best Woven Pillows

Best Woven Pillows

Whether you're moving into a new home, upgrading the bedrooms you already love, or searching for a thoughtful housewarming gift for a loved one, you'll want to check out our collection of woven pillows. You can't go wrong with this extensive selection from Lands' End.

We feature woven designs made using a variety of materials as fillings. You'll find everything from woven down pillows to woven foam pillows and more here. Choose a COOLMAX® design if you like a crisp, cool pillow or PureLoft™ if you need a down alternative. You'll find plenty of possibilities to suit your needs and sleeping style when you check out this collection.

The right pillow goes a long way in helping you get a great night's sleep, and your preferred pillow firmness plays a huge part in that. That's why we offer our pillows with a range of possibilities. Get your woven pillow with the firmness that helps you get comfortable so you can enjoy that restful, rejuvenating sleep you deserve. You'll find soft, medium, and firm pillows all in this collection.

You'll also find these pillows in different sizes, making it easier than ever before to bring home the exact pillow you need. Pick from standard or king sizes. We've made it so simple to get the right pillow for any bedroom in your home. Better yet, stock up on a few different pillows so you're ready to set up all of your beds.

When it's time to get your child a new pillow, these woven styles make a perfect choice. Pair with the rest of your kids' bedding to create a bedroom that's simultaneously stylish and super comfortable. Kids will love these soft, comfy designs. We just made bedtime a whole lot easier with these pillows.

You'll love these pillows, too, so treat yourself to some luxury you can look forward to each evening. Our comfortable pillows upgrade your everyday routine. Put these pillows in your favorite pillowcases, then mix and match with monogrammed bedding, comforters, and more to create the ultimate bedroom set. We've made it fun to get started creating a stylish, comfortable bedroom.

As always, you can shop with total confidence at Lands' End for all your home decor needs. Our quality pillows deliver the comfort you can count on for years to come. You'll find the best woven pillow right here in this collection. Shop at Lands' End today for yours.