Women's Yellow Raincoats & Yellow Rain Jackets

Yellow Raincoats and Rain Jackets for Women

Yellow Raincoats and Rain Jackets for Women

Yellow raincoats for women are a timeless choice that endures despite the changing trends. They make us nostalgic, reminding us of splashing in puddles without a care as a child. Discover a more grown-up version of this classic apparel item in the yellow rain jacket women's collection at Lands' End.

Just like your childhood yellow raincoat, a Lands' End women's yellow rain jacket has a cheerful yellow hue that really stands out on a gloomy, gray day. That makes our yellow raincoats a smart choice because they'll help you stand out to motorists as you cross roads and stroll down the sidewalk.

A classic yellow rain jacket might seem challenging to incorporate into an elegant wardrobe, but it's a surprisingly versatile piece. Yellow really pops with dark colors, so try your women's yellow raincoat with timeless pieces like dark denim jeans, black women's women's pants, and navy women's dresses. Yellow also looks great with gray, red and, for a retro twist, orange. People are bound to stare, but when you're wearing something as striking as a women's yellow rain jacket, that's not a bad thing.

If you're not sure about the classic yellow raincoat women's color called atlas yellow, consider a more delicate hue called golden pineapple. A baby yellow rain jacket in this subtler shade is still striking without being quite as overwhelming.

We have yellow ladies' rain coats for all weather conditions. A piece from our lightweight yellow raincoat women's range is a summery choice. A long yellow raincoat with thick lining will keep you cozy during winter. A medium-length yellow raincoat is a perfect all-rounder. Our rain jackets are available in a wide range of sizes, including regular, tall, petite, and plus-size options. Shop Lands' End today to discover the yellow ladies' raincoat that helps you look your brilliant best.