Women's Winter Scarves

Winter Scarves for Women

Winter Scarves for Women

Prepare for the cold-weather season with a cozy collection of scarves for women from Lands' End. The right accessories can make a dramatic difference in your comfort this season. Lands' End carries a wide selection of warm scarves for women that will help you keep chilly winds and icy snow off your neck and out of your jacket. 

The right scarf is more than just a functional necessity. This can serve as an attractive accessory as well. When you're bundled up in one of our women's winter coats, your underlying style is concealed. While you want your jacket to be versatile and often neutral, your winter accessories can tell a different story. 

Choose women's scarves for winter that will add a pop of color and interest to your outerwear. Our collection includes a wide range of options, such as colorful stripes, stunning plaids, and pretty florals. You can try a splash of bright red or a sunny buttercream yellow to banish the dullness of winter. We even offer personalization on select styles that will truly make your scarf your own.

If you prefer versatility in your accessories, you'll find plenty of options for this as well. Try a timeless gray cable knit scarf or a plush black infinity scarf. No matter the color, these winter scarves for women all deliver outstanding functionality. We ensure that you won't have to deal with the cold or iciness of the season. Cozied up in faux fur, cashmere-like CashTouch, or comforting fleece, you'll enjoy the perfect combination of softness and warmth.

In addition to our traditional women's cold-weather scarves, we also offer a selection of shawl wraps. You can layer these easily with your other outerwear to get the optimum comfort level for the weather. Make sure that you're equipped for cheerful winter hikes or extended snowball fights with the family by stocking up on winter wear that will keep discomfort at bay and let you focus on the activity of the moment. Find your new favorite scarf from Lands' End.