Women's White Pajamas

White Pajamas for Women

White Pajamas for Women

The color white is known to evoke feelings of cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. It can also represent a blank slate or a fresh start. When slipping on your sleepwear at night, all of these feelings and meanings can be quite comforting. That's why you should consider buying a fresh set of white pajamas from Lands' End. When cuddling up in your white sleepwear, you can feel a sense of renewal after a long day. Let go of your day's worth of obligations and responsibilities as you change out your outfit for some comfy pajamas.

Our white pajamas for women are made out of the finest materials to offer you a better night of sleep. Slip into a crisp, white terry cloth robe with turn-back cuffs and handy pockets when you're in desperate need of relaxation. Its fuzzy material is sure to maximize your comfort level and make you feel like you're getting a luxurious spa treatment. A short-sleeve cotton pajama shirt is another great option. It has neatly finished piping for a crisp look and is made with the softest cotton that gets even comfier after each wash and wear. You'll feel so comfortable in it, that you won't want to get dressed for a new day. 

Our women's loungewear comes in a variety of colors, but a simple white pajama set may be just what you need. Imagine switching out your stained, worn day clothes for fresh women's white pajamas. You'll feel fresh and certainly ready to crawl under your bed sheets.

When you're ready to treat yourself to quality-made pajamas, shop Lands' End. We have a nice variety of white pajamas in the women's section of our inventory. With so many options, you can switch between your favorite women's white sleepwear every night. Plus, Lands' End women's pajamas are built to last you for many restful nights to come.

Shop around to find a pair that fits you just right. We can guarantee you'll find new sleepwear that you love.